American Jews are Making the same Mistakes German Jews Made 80+ Years Ago and they May Again Pay the Price

Jewish Nazis Ignored Hitler’s Cries of “Death to the Jews!” and Paid the Price

“Aside from the occasional genocide, oppression, evil and torture, etc., it is inarguable that public policy could be implemented more rapidly in an autocracy.”  —David Harsanyi, libertarian editor and columnist

“The story of U.S. policy during the genocide in Rwanda is not a story of willful complicity with evil.  US officials did not sit around and conspire to allow genocide to happen.”  —Samantha Power, 28th US Ambassador to the United Nations


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A Baneful Deal

On July 18, 2015, American synagogues were packed with concerned congregants over Obama’s dark deal with Iran—the deadly deal that promises to extinguish the lives of millions.  If Iran actually keeps to the terms of the nuclear deal, the jihadist regime will be allowed to install nuclear warheads on Inter-Continental Ballistic Missiles in eight years’ time.  Iran, throughout the treaty negotiations, pledged that its policy objective would continue to be the annihilation of Israel.


A Gift of Blood Money

In addition to lifting economic sanctions, Obama is gifting 150 billion American tax dollars to Iran, as a bonus for signing a treaty that guarantees Iran a pathway to a nuclear Holocaust against the infidels.  Iran has not been required, in return, to pledge the cessation of its deadly terrorist activities.


A Suicide Pact

This windfall terrorism bonus will mean that America has now become—ironically—the largest state sponsor of Islamic terrorism.  And the eventual use of nukes makes this deal analogous to a suicide pact between America and Iran.  This potential for mutual destruction is something Westerners fear but which Muslims are taught to embrace.  Jihad is the highest form of worship in Islam, and death during an act of jihad gives immediate access to Paradise.


A Divided Jewish Community

Jewish DemocratsWhile most Jews are flabbergasted by the treaty, there are some who support the deal.  These are Jews whose true religion is the religion of Leftism.  These are the people who love to start their sentences by saying, “Although I’m Jewish, I actually support . . . .”  Fill in the blank with anything radical or anti-Semitic—the more anti-Israel, the better.


Jewish Facilitators of a Holocaust

This phenomenon of Jews facilitating a pathway to a Holocaust is nothing new.  This strangely self-destructive behavior also existed in Nazi Germany.


The Association of German National Jews

The Association of German National Jews (Der Verband nationaldeutscher Juden) existed during the early years of the Third Reich.  They were Jews who supported Hitler.  Jews can fall for propaganda, just like other groups, especially if believing the truth might force the need for uncomfortable actions.


Max Naumann’s Notion of Jewish Self-Eradication

The founder of the Association was Max Naumann, who started the group in 1921.  The stated purpose of the Association was the assimilation of the Jews into the German people.  They also believed that Jews should abandon their Jewish identity.


American Versions of Naumann

There are Jews like Naumann in America today, often referred to by religious Jews as “self-loathing” Jews, whenever they proclaim their Jewishness while, at the same time, hating Israel and supporting policies that put Jews at risk.  Max Nauman was anti-Zionist and would have disapproved of Israel’s post-war re-establishment.

Naumann fought the Jewish boycott of German goods and issued a statement saying Jews were being fairly treated under Hitler.  This is similar to the mindset which exists among self-loathing Jews who support the BDS (Boycott, Divest, & Sanctions) Movement against Israel.  Such Jews often rise to the level of their own incompetence; current examples might include Dianne Feinstein and Barbara Boxer—who are, seemingly, supporting Iran’s pathway to a new Holocaust!  Their ill-advised support of Obama’s Iran deal proves that even US Senators can be ill-educated, ill-informed, or immoral people.


Feinstein and Boxer

feinstein and boxerSenator Dianne Feinstein has criticized Netanyahu for speaking out about the deal, saying the Israeli Prime Minister should  “contain himself.”  And Senator Barbara  Boxer has called the deal  “a major, historic diplomatic breakthrough.”


In Denial

As late as 1934, the Association issued the following statement: “We have always held the well-being of the German people and the Fatherland, to which we feel inextricably linked, above our own well-being.  This is how we greeted the results of January 1933 [the time of Hitler’s swearing in as German Chancellor], even though it has brought hardship for us personally.”

Association membership was considered quite brilliant.  But the truth is that highly-educated people often prove more gullible than their less-educated counterparts who rely on common sense and a moral compass to understand the world and make decisions.

Ideologues like Naumann often relinquish common sense in the pursuit of some prized ideal whose failure they are seldom able to perceive.  These people, once they have removed their rose-tinted glasses, generally tend to don a pair of blinders.  People like this easily remain in denial until it is too late.


But They Didn’t Really Mean It?—They Couldn’t Have!

Many Jews who supported Hitler denied his anti-Semitism, believing he employed anti-Jewish rhetoric in order to achieve the effect of “stirring up the masses.”  They could not believe the anti-Semitism Hitler espoused was genuine.  We experience the same naïveté in Americans who believe Obama’s claims that Iranian cries of “Death to Israel, death to America!” are merely rhetoric “intended for a domestic political audience.”  (Read more about this here:


The German Vanguard

The German Vanguard (Der deutsche Vortrupp), another pro-Nazi Jewish group, was led by Hans Joachim Schoeps.  It is alleged that these Jews ended their meetings by giving the Nazi salute while wryly shouting, “Down with us!”  Whether this allegation is only a darkly humorous commentary on the group is not known with certainty.  What is known is that Schoeps eventually fled to Sweden to save his own skin.


Unappreciative Nazis

Budapest, Festnahme von JudenIn spite of the Association’s enthusiastic support of Hitler, the Nazis were having none of it.  The Association’s goals of assimilation were seen as less-than-useless by the Nazis, who were in the process of considering a different kind of solution to the Jewish question—indeed, a much more “Final Solution.”  The Association was banned on November 18, 1935, the date that Naumann was arrested by the Gestapo and sent to a concentration camp.


Words of Warning

No matter how much some Jews want to believe in Obama, they will find themselves, nonetheless, harmed by his anti-Semitic policies, the worst of which must be his Iran deal, which bestows an irresponsible level of protection upon a jihadist regime bent on destroying the non-Muslims of the world.

Iran’s announced plan calls for Israel to be destroyed as soon as possible, since six million of the world’s fourteen million Jews live there.  Afterwards, the United States will be targeted, representing another six million Jews and a significant percentage of the world’s Christians.

Jews who are endorsing the Iran deal, if they think they will escape the anti-Semitic ire of liberal fascists at home or Islamo-fascists from abroad, need to reconsider.   And Christians need to see the risk to themselves in a similar light.   The Association of German National Jews did not escape.   And, given a sufficiently ill scenario today, neither will Americans—be they Jews or non-Jews.  Americans must unite against this deal, lest America run the risk that it might, in Lincoln’s words, “die by suicide.”  We are all in the same boat, and it is time that some of us stop knocking holes in it.

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