American Economic Optimism Surges under Trump!

The economic optimism of Americans is higher than the President’s approval ratings.

CNBC reports great economic optimism among Americans, though they also point out that this economic optimism is not reflected in Donald Trump’s approval ratings. However, unless the Democrats find a candidate who convinces Americans that he can be trusted to improve the economy, I doubt a lack of “approval” for Trump will keep many from voting for him. People would rather prosper under a President they don’t like than become impoverished under a more “ideal” President.

NBC reports, “American optimism about the economy hits an all-time high in new CNBC survey.

The public’s views on the economy continue to cruise at lofty levels but the optimism does not appear to be lifting the president’s approval rating.

The third-quarter CNBC All-America Economic Survey found 43 percent of the public believes the economy is excellent or good, a record high in the 10-year history of the survey. Thirty-six percent believes the economy will get better, down a couple of points from last quarter, but just 23 percent say it will get worse, down 6 points.

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The four-quarter average for every major economic metric in the poll — the outlook for the economy, housing, wages and the stock market — is at a record 10-year high. Those four quarters cover the time span since President Donald Trump’s election.

Read the full CNBC story.

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