America Must STOP Settling for Less

Since when did this settling for less first appear?  Most obvious would be the slide from a WWII victory, to a Korean truce, to a Vietnam loss.  However, war aside, so much more of America has been settled for less!

Socially, we are a mess!  How does little Johnny get away with so much?  Could it be with the social engineering gimmick of “do not spank?”  WOW!  Replacing what worked for the cleverness of a “time out?”  “Time out” from what and when to do what again?

Also, there’s the departure of discipline and accountability.  And for those so mesmerized by these new aged “comfort zones” and teddy bear cuddling, checkout your little Johnny!  If he still has a set, he just might be seeking a change!

Then there’s our failing education product.  No more subjects such as Geography, Religion, Civics or even penmanship.  And still, the teacher unions scream for pay raises! Less teaching begets higher salaries?  How about salaries based upon the end product, which sees little Johnny not able to adequately read, write or even point out a specific country on a map?

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Oh, but don’t worry, this is the computer age and little Johnny need not sign his name nor even be able to balance his checking account in later years since all will be plastic.

And what about this evolving plastic mystique?  Is it really that convenient when waiting in line to cash out?  I mean just how “follow the leaderish” have we become?  Cash works; it’s quicker, safer and untraceable!

Then, we come to government, not leadership, although just recently, one did sneak into our White House.  No, I’m talking about this insipid priority of party over Country governing.

How can we choose properly while being so ill informed?  And is truth still an option, is it still taught?  Apparently not with today’s campus scenery of censorship and intimidation.  Another down hill slide, this time from the freedom which our Founders bequeathed.

And speaking of those old white haired, slave owning misogynists, are their words still relevant in today’s globalized world?  And just where did this globalization come from; for what purpose and who benefits?

We cannot continue this settling for less and expect to survive, let alone prosper.  Years ago, those old white haired gents pledged all they had; their lives, fortunes and sacred honor to their belief in freedom.  That’s commitment, which was another something so cumbersome that, along with little Johnny, we threw away long ago!

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