America. Making the Impossible, Possible

Our good friend and fellow defender of the Constitution, Jonathon Dunne, has an important message for the American people.

From across the Atlantic Ocean, Jonathon is calling us to remember our story, to remember our victories, and to remember our exceptionalism.

Dunne reminds us that throughout our history America has always been about making the impossible, possible.

From Freedom’s Disciple:

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I have noticed an increase in American’s who are down on America or who think your best days are behind her. In this show, I address those patriots and asks one simple question – what challenges are around today, that America has not overcome before? In this show I also share a couple of stories from scriptures I feel are very relevant today and encourages every America to search deep inside themselves to find the principles they believe in and will stand for. Lastly I remember the GREAT Nancy Reagan (RIP) and calls out Fox News and the GOP Candidates for not being more worried about the actions of North Korea and Iran.

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