America is Exceptional, Here’s Why

Jonathon Dunne, contributor at the Blaze and host of Freedom’s Disciple loves the United States of America, in fact he’s certain that America is the last, best hope for a free and peaceful world.

Dunne has a unique perspective on the matter because he is an Irish citizen who has long hoped and worked to become an American. Sadly the convoluted and unjust immigration system in America has meant that Dunne has been locked out of his dream for well over a decade now. Given this background his continued devotion to the American Dream is amazing.

Listen as he explains why America is exceptional.


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America was an exceptional and unique nation from the day of your founding. How many people today understand WHY America is exceptional? In this episode, I wanted to explain how people today focus on WHAT we think and HOW we think but forget one of the most important aspects of the discussion – the WHY! We need to start explaining our vision but also our why, our stories and the roots of what we believe if freedom is going to win again.

Lastly I address recent comments by Jeb Bush about winning more of the black vote and explain how WE can all win big, IF we paint our big vision in bold colors.

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