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The unspoken component to this campaign season is the fact that it’s the media’s open season for hit journalism.  Think about it.  Over shadowing the voter mid term disinterest is this four year Presidential melee when “no holds barred” becomes the starter and truth is a bench warmer.

Modern day journalism is commonly viewed as offering a “liberal” slant.  Some go further by assigning the “progressive” stamp or worse but never-the-less, what ever its tag line, as the end of our four year election cycle nears, the race for the White House incurs the slants and bias to an unprecedented level.  And this year offers a double dose.

What is at stake is not just whether a Republican or a Democrat becomes our next leader.  While that certainly is in play, the current offering centers upon the people’s American values and whether they prefer to stay the course or return to the American ideal.

To a lesser degree, it’s always been that way.  Each election offers new ideas, better and improved methods or just rehashing the old political jargon of “change.”  Yet, 2016 offers what might be our final ideological choice.  Most ominous, despite the downturns and negativity which have characterized the past seven plus years, sizable numbers still applaud.

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This, above all else, should set the heart to wondering.  Given that the overwhelming results have been detrimental to our nation, and that our national creed of constitutional order has been desecrated at will, our hearts must pose the question; just what has caused this disloyal following?

Ever since Obama’s 2007-08 entrance, the common denominator to his overall appeal and support has featured America’s huge college age population.  And why not?  Given the vent from today’s humanistic driven curriculums, this chosen venue of the young and impressionable appeared as a political no-brainer.

Since then, there have been seven graduations.  These inescapable numbers may explain why this anti-American chorus has become so lasting.  It may also call for an objective review of today’s educational formats.  If steering our nation’s young towards this un-American ideal remains in vogue, just how long will take?  Time will provide that answer.

All this is sadly alive during this current election season.  And it is very telling since it is the democrats who have realized and seized onto the voting prize from academia’s incubation of globally connected citizens.

For the remaining voters, you know, the older pre-computer set, those who actually learned to add and subtract along with penmanship; we need to set our ship on its most critical voyage.  And before leaving port, the course must be true and strong.

cruz-trump1Putting the establishment’s sole opportunistic candidate aside, the republican nomination comes down to a two man race.  What to do?  If a greater amount of years is of value, then age wise, it should be Donald Trump now with [score]Ted Cruz[/score] in reserve.  Of course the Cruz people may reverse this lineup but that diminishes the years.

The Trump scenario could attract by insuring a possible rescue in that if he fails, then Cruz becomes a greater role player.  But, what if Trump succeeds?  The effect nationwide could be a saving reversal.

Consider that in actuality, what is on the table is whether free enterprise or socialism rules our future.  If Trump delivers, and being the free enterprise warrior he is, the possibilities for this are sound since all the normal roadblocks from lobbyists and special interest groups will lack a voice.  If so, all those idealistic graduates holding impressive degrees, with little to show for it, will eventually cross over.  After all, success breeds success.

If this comes to pass, Cruz’s take over from a departing Trump can only gather steam and it will become so much easier after the interference has been muted.

This timetable will also clear the air and invite the return to constitutional adherence.  After at least twelve years of this possible pro-American charter, our future can become much brighter.

In the mean time, disassociate from all this media blather, especially with regards to the “he said, she said” and the “out of context” reporting.  Be assured and be braced that in the months ahead, the media’s hit pieces on Trump will increase.  And lastly, try to regard polls for what they are.  A perfect polling example was when Hillary led Sanders by 30 points in Michigan, yet Sanders prevailed.

We need to consolidate and mend.  And it’s not for the sake of the GOP, which neither merits nor cares about our country’s well being; that is if actions still are telling.  Recall when the GOP shut off its financing of a Delaware Senatorial candidate, thus assuring that State of a socialist democrat.

So, at this juncture, it’s the Country and our future which demands our loyal effort and love.  Let’s all get together as Americans first, and always.

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