AMAZING STORY: 4 Brothers Who Served in WWII Together All Now in Their 90s

Four brothers who served together in World War Two have beaten the odds and all four have made it into their 90s.

Four brothers who served together in World War Two have beaten the odds and all four have made it into their 90s.

The Dalton brothers of Charlotte, North Carolina, are proud of their service, certainly. but don’t call them “heroes.”

“Oh, no,” Rufus Dalton told the Charlotte Observer this weekend.

“Speaking for my brothers, let me say upfront that we’re not four heroes. The real heroes are those that gave their lives during the war,” he said. “We’re just four guys that outlived everybody else. And we were just part of the unified national effort to take three dictators out and put the world back in shape again. So, we’re not heroes.”

Harry, though had a small note of disagreement:

“But see, that’s the modesty of my brothers,” Harry, the youngest at 91, said. “They’ve always been my heroes. I’ll tell you that.”

The four brothers, Harry, Bob, Rufus, and Jim are still alive and kicking 70 years after their service in the big war.

In fact, Harry had more to say about his rascally older bros.

“Growing up behind these three brothers,” Harry added, “it was quite a challenge to me to measure up.”

Still, all four joined the armed forces when Japan attacked.

…Four Charlotte-born and -raised brothers, all in their 90s, all of whom were on active duty when WWII ended more than 73 years ago — and all of whom have outlived almost every man they knew who served in that war, save for the ones they’re related to.

Fewer than 500,000 of the 16 million Americans who served in the Second World War are still living, according to U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs statistics. The VA estimates 348 of them die each day.

The paper goes on to detail some of the amazing things these four brothers did during the great war.

Do yourself a favor and go check out the story.

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