Amazing Footage from the Day of Protest Against Planned Parenthood

This past Saturday, August 22nd, the pro-life community around the world gathered together outside the doors of their local Planned Parenthood abortion facilities. From Seattle To New York, from Houston to Boise, from Atlanta to Los Angeles and in cities and towns all over the nation, people gathered to protest against the legalized murder of the most defenseless and innocent among us.

There are thousands of wonderful stories, experiences and testimonies being reported from all over the nation (and the world) and we need to see more of them! We need to fill the Internet with the truth about the Holocaust of abortion, and we need to explain to people as best we can why abortion is such a great evil.

To that end, the brilliant folks at Apologia Radio have released an incredible video documenting their experience at the Planned Parenthood protest in Phoenix, Arizona. It’s definitely a must see.

This is never before seen footage of the protests that took place outside of Planned Parenthood during the recent #defundpp protests in Phoenix, Arizona. It contains actual footage and conversations between Planned Parenthood supporters and Apologia Church.

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At another protest in St. Paul, Minnesota, Pastor John Piper stood to pray that God would end the scourge of abortion in our world, and specifically that Planned Parenthood might repent and cease its murderous activities.

“You made all the children. You made all the abortionists. You are our creator. You uphold all things by the Word of your power. You sustain all things. You govern all things.”

“We want to dedicate ourselves afresh and we want to pray for Planned Parenthood that they might live to righteousness,” Piper continued. “We want to ask that according to their title, which is on the wall — Planned Parenthood — that they would bring about nurturing parents rather than helping parents stop being parents by killing their children.”

Hear all of Piper’s Prayer here.

Read Piper’s observations of the day of protest here.

We need more of this. More videos of truth flooding the Internet and forcing America to wake from its moral slumber. We must not be a nation that allows the most innocent among us to be butchered as if they mean nothing.

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