Am I An Atheist, An Agnostic Or Religious?

Am I An Atheist, An Agnostic Or Religious?


Hey, I used to be an atheist.  When I was about ten years old my grandmother died.  She had been sick and I asked God to spare her.  He didn’t.


That was that.  I abandoned God because he had abandoned my grandmother and me.


I was OK with my atheism for years.  I mean temples bored me and churches didn’t do much for me either.


But in the last ten years or so I became nauseated by the effort of atheists to make atheism politically correct.  They cursed out Christmas and made fun of people who were religious as being fools.


I feel the current atheists are Johnny-come-lately.  I was an atheist way before they were. Back when it was looked down upon.


I find current atheists rude.  I want no part of them anymore. 


Yet fools like Obama criticize the religious.  He cited the Crusades as Christian driven.  Of course, he never mentioned that the most violent people were atheists—Hitler and Stalin.  They killed more people than existed on most of the earth during the Crusades.


I wish my hatred of atheists had turned me towards religion.  I suppose I’m a little more agnostic than atheist now.  But I can’t lie to myself about actually being religious because myself is my version of God and if he were there he would not like me being a liar.


 If there is a God I expect he will forgive me for not truly believing in him.  I kind of feel that faith is a cop out for fear of being alone in the universe.


Even though I am agnostic I respect religious people more than atheists.  Of course, atheists are OK if they don’t disrespect or interfere with God fearing people. It’s when they mock or interfere with religion that they sicken me. 


My respect to God.  Maybe one day he will speak to me.  Maybe one day he will take off my blinders?  Or maybe he won’t?

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