Almost No New York Student Qualifies for that ‘Free College’ Democrats Voted For

The State of New York patted itself on the back a few years ago by becoming the only state to offer students a “free college education.”

The State of New York patted itself on the back a few years ago by becoming the only state to offer students a “free college education.” But, as it turns out three quarters of the state’s students “don’t qualify” for that “free college.”

Once again we see the lies and the bait and switch inherent in Democrat policies.

The law was passed in 2017 after several years of liberals campaigning for “free college” for New York students. Once it went into effect, New York liberals praised themselves as enlightened and benevolent.

But, according to American Thinker, it turns out hardly any New York kid “qualifies” for this wondrous “benefit.”

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Turns out the free rides weren’t so free, actually. Seventy percent of New York’s students got rejected for them, and not because they couldn’t read or something.

As in any regime of bureaucratic socialism, there were requirements, precise requirements, and only the relatively rich – about 20,000 kids, or 3.2% of the enrollees in New York’s SUNY and CUNY universities – could meet them. Eighty-three percent of the kids got turned down for not having enough units, because, well, they were working part-time or more. The richer kids got the free stuff, the poor kids got shut out, and New York’s governor said all was hunky-dory.

According to Fox News:

  • In order to qualify for the free tuition program, students must graduate in four years.
  • They have to carry 30 credits per year.
  • Their annual family income must be less than $110,000.
  • The scholarship money can be used only for tuition, not for living expenses or books.
  • The GPA requirement varies depending on the major.
  • Applicants are also required to live and work in New York when they leave school for the number of years they received the scholarship money. If they don’t, they have to pay the money back.

So, in other words:

So the short story here is that any kid who has to work for room and board, or to buy schoolbooks, pretty well gets no free stuff, being rich and all from all those part-time jobs. Only the kids who don’t have to pay for those things and who can carry a 30-unit load through the year can get the free tuition, which oftentimes at state schools isn’t the biggest expense. No surprise, most kids don’t qualify.

Once again we see that liberals lie.

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