All Too Obvious: The Roy Moore Accusations

Consistency speaks for itself.  All of a sudden, ala Herman Cain from years past, another threat is rearing it’s mighty head in the parsonage of Judge Roy Moore.

Remember the 2012 Presidential elections when Mr. Cain presented a challenge to both Obama’s minority Presidency and his hold on the black voting block?  Then, after leading in the Republican polls, claims of sexual harassment eventually caused his withdrawal despite his denial of any wrong doing.  Following his departure, it was odd that nothing more was ever heard from the accuser or of those supposed charges.

Judge Roy Moore will be a Senate presence which the establishment would rather not have to deal with.  In this era when Christianity is at least being questioned, as in America being a Christian Nation and as next month’s greeting of “Merry Christmas” will again generate frowns, Roy Moore’s probable December victory, along with his deeply rooted Christian beliefs represents an unnecessary obstacle to both sides of the aisle.

Now, after close to forty years, Candidate Moore has been accused of having sexual contact with a minor.  Also, in the same general time span, three other women now sudden remember similar encounters with the then assistant District Attorney.  Obviously, Roy Moore denies any wrong doing.

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Why didn’t Moore’s negative publicity stir the memories of his accusers when he removed as Alabama’s Chief Supreme Court Justice.  Talk about being defrocked to average citizenry.  Another similar instance, after being voted into to his former position, when he refused to obey a U.S. Supreme Court order which legalized gay marriages, he was again dismissed from the bench.  Again, dismissed and powerless.  Still, not a whimper was heard.

Trump’s arrival provides reason enough why another outsider will not be tolerated.  On the legislative venue, our President has been stymied simply based upon his upstaging of their established political brethren.  An outsider slipped in and now must be humiliated and made impotent, so that this legislative impasse will discourage others.  Electing Moore increases this trend for the non-politician while also bolstering Trump.

Aside from politics, there is also the religious angle.  The Judge is more than a Christian since his record and past actions are faith based and inspirational within his Alabama venue.  So, enlarging Moore’s stage would give him more of an audience and greater exposure.

The naysayers may object but given the cold reception which our Christmas holiday now receives, who can argue against this so-called “war against Christianity?  Hell, we just finished with a twice elected President who voiced his belief about “America isn’t a Christian nation.”  Then there is Tim Tebow!  Here is a quarterback who played in the playoffs, yet who remains essentially barred from the NFL?

Both the timing and the Washington Post source are two worthy questions which should generate doubt.  Then add in the past tactics of our fake media.  Standing out for all to see is that abrupt dismissal of any follow up once Herman Cain withdrew from the 2012 race.

Also too, here is a man who has amassed a lifetime of admirable service.  A West Point graduate and Vietnam veteran, he reflects a hard working, horse riding, down to earth candidate who is a deeply religious family man.

The bottom line to all this tabloid gossip is that since Trump’s arrival, the media has emerged as not only being biased, it airs and/or prints unsubstantiated articles with complete disregard.  In fact, this was the subject of Wall Street Journal’s Kimberly A. Strassel’s recent piece entitled, Lifting the Steele Curtain.

For many, the media has done themselves in.  How can anyone entertain that what they read or hear is fact when Ms. Strassel, along with similar Fox News reporting, points out that, “Fusion GPS dossiers was one of the dirtiest political tricks in U.S. history.”  In part, Ms. Strassel continues with, “This dossier allegation is ludicrous on its face…Yet the press ran with it.”

And now, with or without any substantiating, today’s media hears of a juicy report which could aid in the disembarking of a probable Senate winner, one who will enforce Trump at every turn.  And “the press ran with it?”

Even the reported details, not an adult woman but a vulnerable minor, then re-enforced by not one or two but three additional reports of lesser action and intent.  At this late date and after decades of being in the public venue, this “out of left filed” affair doesn’t seems to jive with Moore’s solid record of service, family and faith.  And then, when Sen. McCain jumps at the chance to offer that Moore must drop out of the race regardless, this becomes a package too conveniently wrapped!

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