All Appears Too Obvious

When there is a pattern emerges, usually it’s undeniable.  Just for a very precious moment, one that might ensure America’s freedom and worth, returning to the practicality and common sense of it all may help bring into focus all that is indeed too obvious!

Two entities have been added to the American lexicon by President Trump; the first being ‘fake news’ along with the more ominous ‘the deep state.’  While the former replaced it’s long time ‘liberal press’ logo, the latter represents a trail blazing into the unknown.

Trump’s questionable signing of last week’s Omnibus Bill, while still a bit disconcerting portends to so much more.   The combination of Trump’s out of whack symmetry along with his questionable demeanor brought a sense of improvisation, a hint of actions against one’s better judgment.  Also too, acting as a student speaker at an awards ceremony is not the usual mill for a President of the United States!  Still, few of us noticed.

One only has to recall Trump’s successful non-political background, his above ‘being bought’ wealth, and that he has remained true to his campaign promises.  Despite the deep seated obstructionism from both parties, his intentions are obvious as he remains loyal to his word of making America great again.  So, his Omnibus oratory resides far from a normal Trump performance.

Such a Presidential airing touches upon the overall obviousness of today’s American conditioning.  The marketing of subliminal thought has become perversely common in all regards.  Brought about by the persona of the influential pen and voice, our American curiosity, common sense as per practical reasoning, even societal expectations have weakened dramatically.

Today’s torrential headlines more than validates this reality.  Modern day complacency combines emotionalisms with a tinge of corruption.  This formula has successfully targeted and victimized what had evolved into a workable and useful standard throughout modern societies.

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Most telling of this are the current teenage marches which as one adult participant queried, “Maybe that’s what it’s going to take – children leading us.”

Now, take such a statement and return it to the “good old days,” merely as a fair measure of unemotional relevance.   Back then, the normal and sensible response would be, “Are we crazy?”  Yet, this has become the sacrificial benchmark when suggesting that this reversal of order is needed.

Also too, there exists an inherent deception within such convoluted thinking. The oxymoron attached to this child authority suggestion also removes public scrutiny from the actual circumstances which played a decisive role in the Parkland tragedy.  Just how many reports and action calls did authorities perform without any proactive measures being initiated?  The dozens of “domestic” disturbances alone should have been sufficient.

In addition to this murder and a public mayhem, which has produced such clear thinkers from those formerly afflicted with “attention disorder,” we are treated to the best selling provocator of illicit sex.

Billed as fair play, yet without any interest into what preceded as Clinton’s criminal acts verses Trump’s alleged immoral ones, the spicy content, while enticingly advertised has once again laid a 60 Minutes bomb.  Weeks of expectations are hard to surpass.  Never-the-less, all this combines into the distortion of both the American mind and our society.  Next question is, ‘who benefits?’

This question runs common through all the above disorders.  First, this revelation of an existing ‘deep state” changes, and it should change, our belief and trust of what is taking place in Washington.  If ever needed, the return of our curious nature becomes supreme.  And if this ‘deep state’ operates at such an all encompassing level, and from all indication it does, then the reasoning for our media’s devolving into its ‘fake’ mode provides its crucial back up.

Also too is this uneasy sense when watching our President make a fool of himself by sternly trashing what he agrees to when signing.  And finally, what better way to ensure a 2018/2020 election windfall for the democrats than to energize the young into being mentally and emotionally aligned, prior to officially registering when turning eighteen?

When a pattern emerges, usually it’s undeniable.  Just for a very precious moment, one that might ensure America’s freedom and worth, returning to the practicality and common sense of it all may help bring into focus all that is indeed too obvious!

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