Alex Jones Wants a Rand Paul/Ted Cruz GOP Ticket in 2016

Just in Case You were Wondering – Alex Jones Wants a Rand Paul/Ted Cruz GOP Ticket in 2016.

The noted “right wing” talker, Alex Jones, has made his Presidential preferences for 2016 clear.

After an interview with former GOP Congressman and libertarian/Tea Party godfather Ron Paul, Jones told his listeners that Rand Paul was the best Republican candidate for President. Jones mentioned that he’s known Rand Paul for a very long time and that he feels Paul is a trustworthy man. He then mentioned that he thought Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) a “great” Vice President.


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Rand Paul is the best. I trust him, I’ve known him for 18-19 years and he’s the guy for President. Ted Cruz would make a great VP. Ted Cruz is getting more aggressive that’s why in the polls he’s now #1. In “REAL” polls Ted Cruz has now taken the lead because he’s being aggressive it’s what the people want.”



While Alex Jones may not have the impact that a news pundit like Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity might have – Jones does have a very vibrant and vocal fan base. His endorsement of a candidate can be a very important tool to rally a portion of the base that has long been disenchanted with the GOP. So, if anyone can get the Alex Jones voters to come out and vote… it will be Rand Paul… and those votes just might mean the difference between winning and losing.

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