Alex Jones Censored More Intensely by Facebook

The nomal state of affairs at is to have Alex Jones censored. They make sure his stuff isn’t seen as much. But even that wasn’t enough for Leftists.

The left wanted Alex Jones censored in a more humiliating way and Facebook has finally caved.

The nomal state of affairs at Facebook is to have Alex Jones censored. They make sure his stuff isn’t seen as much. But even that wasn’t enough for Leftists. The point to them is to have corporations visibly mistreat their customers in a way that lets people know that they don’t deserve to be treated the same as other people. The whole point of the legislation that enabled the internet was to allow companies to provide a platform for content creators without being responsible for that content.

That why you can find all sorts of videos on YouTube that make arguments that the earth is flat and the sun travels in a circle over a disk with the North Pole in the center and the South Pole as an ice range around the edge. Or video presentations about how no planes were present when the Twin Towers were brought down on 9/11.

The idea that social media companies are resonsible for their content is never consistently applied.

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CNN reports, “Facebook suspends personal profile of InfoWars founder Alex Jones.

Facebook suspended the personal profile of controversial InfoWars founder Alex Jones on Thursday, and removed four videos associated with his namesake page and that of InfoWars, a spokesperson for the social media company said.


It was not immediately clear which videos Facebook removed, but the spokesperson said that the company’s community standards “make it clear that we prohibit content that encourages physical harm [bullying], or attacks someone based on their religious affiliation or gender identity [hate speech].”

Jones had previously been sent a notice that he had violated Facebook’s policies and that his personal profile would be subject to a 30-day suspension the next time he did so, the spokesperson said.

The suspension means that Jones cannot post content to his personal profile, or use it to post content to the Alex Jones and InfoWars pages.

However, Jones’ personal profile remains online, as do the InfoWars and Alex Jones pages. The Facebook spokesperson said the pages were “close” to meeting the unspecified threshold of violations that would result in Facebook unpublishing the pages, but that for now the pages had not crossed that line.

As a result, the pages remain up and other administrators can still post content to them. As of Friday morning, content continued to be posted to both pages.

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