Alan Dershowitz Says Release the Original FISA Warrant

Instead of having to rely on the second-hand testimony, Alan Dershowitz suggests letting Americans see the facts.

Liberal attorney Alan Dershowitz has gotten a lot of hate from progressives for defending Donald Trump from unconstitutional obstruction of justice charges. Now, he points out that the Nunes memo, while it contains some bad accusations, is still only second hand. Meanwhile, the Democrats say they have a memo to release. Why not actually declassify the documentation that these memos are telling us about?

The Hill published his opinion under the headline, “Alan Dershowitz on the Nunes memo: Republican ‘truth’ and Democratic ‘truth.’

The Republican memo just released is not the last word on the issue. It is the opening salvo by Republicans. The Democrats are responding. Both sides have partisan agendas.

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Now it is time for the American people to have their interests considered. As Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis once put it, “Sunlight is the best disinfectant.” The corollary is that over-classification keeps the infection spreading.

Partisanship has its role in politics, but there is no such thing as Republican or Democratic truth. Each side has the right to its opinion regarding the significance of the FISA application, but neither side has a right to its own facts. So the next step is for the public to see the application, properly redacted to protect national security, so that we can judge for ourselves.

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