Alan Dershowitz Proves Fanatical Liberals Have No Integrity

Simply by demonstrating basic loyalty to truth, Dershowitz shows that fanatical liberals will say or do anything to remove Donald Trump.

I don’t think all liberals are fanatical liberals. Alan Dershowitz demonstrates that at least one can be loyal to legal principles over his political preferences. And the Washington Post gave an even-handed report on Dershowitz.

Even so, the way Dershowitz has been treated shows that, as a group, liberals are raving anti-Trump zealots who make up reasons to justify impeachment. Even more telling: Dershowitz says that many friends (or former friends) admit that he is absolutely correct that Trump has not committed obstruction of justice, but they hate him for admitting it publicly.

In other words, most Liberals are part of a treasonous conspiracy and cooperating in deception. They regard Dershowitz as a traitor to the cause.

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The Washington Post reports, “Alan Dershowitz’s new reality: Tweeted by Trump, shunned by liberal friends.

As a result, Dershowitz told The Washington Post on Wednesday, he is being shunned by many of his old political allies. His motives are being questioned. And people who used to be his friends just don’t want to hear from him.

“None of my liberal friends invite me to dinner anymore,” he said. “Thanks to Donald Trump, I’ve lost seven pounds. I call it the Donald Trump diet,” he joked.


“People have accused me of everything,” Dershowitz told The Post. “Of taking money. … A guy on MSNBC asked me if I was being paid by Trump. Others have asked me if I’m writing a book about it,” he said. “The answer to both is no and no.”

“Everybody’s questioning motive,” he said, with some suggesting he’s jockeying for a seat on the Supreme Court (“I’m 79 years old”) or that he wants to be Trump’s lawyer. None of this is true, he said. “People can’t just accept that I’m saying what I believe and I would be saying the same thing if Hillary Clinton were president.”

His viewpoint “has affected my friendships,” Dershowitz said. “I have a nephew who is just furious at me. He wants to do anything to have this guy impeached or removed from office and he says I’m stopping that. There are people who think — and I’ve been accused of this in print — that I’m the one who put this obstruction argument into the head of Trump and his lawyers, especially since Trump tweeted that he liked my argument.”

Dershowitz said he “got an email today from a very prominent friend — I’m not going to disclose his name because it was a private email — admitting that I’m right and saying ‘My hatred toward Trump blinds me to your truths.’ That was his email. ‘My hatred for Trump blinds me to your truths. Please stop.’

“And then he said to me, ‘Don’t ever send me another tweet that includes an article that you wrote that helps that son of a b‑‑‑‑.’

Read the entire Washington Post story.

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