Alamo’s Heroes Almost Got Scrubbed From History

This is just astonishing, that a Texas school board would even consider such a drastic censorship of Texas history.

Liberals really think they can get away with anything these days. The Left has become a clear and present danger to America.

Well, the publicity bodes well for the upcoming midterms.

It’s time to dump political correctness before it’s too late. We should live our lives with truth and not magic fairy tales.


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The Alamo’s heroes were nearly scrubbed from the politically correct Texas school curriculum by the Texas State Board of Education, which only backed off its proposal on Wednesday after a huge outcry.

For several months the board has been working to “streamline” its social studies curriculum standards, and in April submitted recommendations to revise classroom teaching plans to the State Board of Education, The Texas Tribune reported.

A working group proposed removing references to “all the heroic defenders” at the Alamo from the curriculum, stating the word “heroic” was “a value charged word” and that “defenders” was vague and imprecise.

The board also called for the removal of a letter Lt. Col. William B. Travis wrote just before the siege “because the specific reference was repetitive and unnecessary since it is impossible to teach the siege of the Alamo without teaching about the letter and its contents,” according to The Texas Tribune. More

Is this much more than just Political Correctness? Is it an effort by the Progressives to delete from our schools the pieces of history which inspire nationalism and patriotism?

The Texas Tribune:

“There was a brief discussion about the appropriateness of using the word ‘heroic’ that was based on perceptions of heroism and the inconsistent use of the term in the standards,” Cure said. The workgroup’s notes called “heroic” a “value charged” term.

Wednesday’s change restores the reference to Travis’ letter and “the heroism of the diverse defenders who gave their lives” at the Alamo.

Those proposed changes garnered public attention after Texas Monthly published a story last week posing the question: “Should Texas schoolchildren be taught that Alamo defenders were ‘heroic’?” Gov. Greg Abbott tweeted the story, calling on Texans to contact their education board members to “stop political correctness in our schools.”

Other Texas elected officials soon followed suit, including U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz and Land Commissioner George P. Bush. More

If we took anything that is offensive away we would have an incredibly dull world. The word defender doesn’t quite seem to fit. The men at the Alamo knew they were dead. They willingly gave their lives for it. This by definition is what a hero is all about. They bought time for Sam Houston to get it together. This quality in men is almost a thing of the past.


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