Al Sharpton Said NRA Only Cares About White Gun-Owners…This is How NRA Responded [VIDEO]

Good Ol’ Al Sharpton, he never misses an opportunity to race bait.  Over the weekend the supposed “reverend” who doesn’t believe in the commandment about bearing false witness, criticized the National Rifle Association for not defending the gun rights of two black men killed by police last week. Sharpton claimed the NRA believes  “the Second Amendment is for whites only.” But today the NRA is fighting back against Sharpton’s idiotic and unsubstantiated charges.

In his weekly address the self-important professional bigot gave at his Harlem headquarters, Sharpton as usual declared himself judge and jury declaring that punishing police officers for misconduct is the only way to prevent incidents like last week’s fatal encounters involving Alton Sterling in Louisiana and Philando Castile in Minnesota. Apparently the leader of two anti-Semitic pogroms in NYC already knows what happened in those two cases, even though the investigations are not nearly close to being completed. “Both of them were killed by police based on ‘they had a gun,’” Sharpton said.

Please read the rest of the article – including the NRA’s video responses – at Jeff Dunetz’s blog The Lid

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