Al Qaeda Tells other Muslim Terrorists Not to be “Too Extreme”

Um. I think that we are in a spot of trouble.

Al Qaeda has a message for their fellow Islamic terrorists at ISIS – Please, don’t be too extreme.

When Al Qaeda is telling their allies to chill out, the West has a lot to be concerned about. Did you think that there would come a day when Al Qaeda wasn’t considered “extreme”? That is what we are seeing develop right now in Iraq and Syria. Al Qaeda has grown so concerned over the “extremism” it sees in the ISIS ranks, that they’ve actually had to take the time to ask ISIS to moderate itself a bit.

No. This is not “Bizarro World” — this is just the state of modern humanity.

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Here’s the message that Al Qaeda downloaded to their website last week, calling for ISIS to relax.

ISIS2‘It is worthy for a shurah (consultation) council to be formed from the leaders of all the jihadi factions and the distinguished people among the experts and the scholars in Sham (Syria) in order to solve their conflicts.’

‘Muslims also should avoid extremism in religion, and judging others without evidence, and distrusting one another,’ it said.

‘They should avoid conflict and dispute, and not think their opinions are better than others. Mercy and compassion should prevail.’

Okay. Maybe we are in Bizarro World.

In case you’ve forgotten, ISIS started out as a lowly Al Qaeda affiliate operating in Syria but quickly grew stronger; when they allied themselves with other rebel groups in Syria, Al Qaeda cut them off. But that hasn’t stopped ISIS from becoming the most powerful rebel group in Syria and Iraq…

The fact that Al Qaeda has already separated itself from ISIS means that their message holds little value for the rebels since Al Qaeda had already “abandoned” them.

We’ve documented the heinous action of ISIS here at Eagle Rising – crucifixions, rapes, beatings, torture and many other depravities. ISIS is a terrifying force for evil and we welcome any call for moderation… even from the likes of Al Qaeda.

Sadly, it sounds like ISIS is building quite a sizeable following…

One Pakistani militant commander in his thirties told reporters: ‘We are happy with the great efforts of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. Dozens of my colleagues from here are with them. Soon Sham and Iraq will be Islamic states’.

‘I like the way of fighting … it is very effective. We need that here in Pakistan. Many of our fighters have gone there.’

Another, younger man added: ‘We like the modern way of their fighting, it is really a holy war, God send us there.’ 

This does not sound good.

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