Airline Removes ‘Tolerant’ Liberal Woman for Accosting Trump Supporter [VIDEO]

Liberal Democrats are the paragons of tolerance and free speech. Well, as long as other everyone else’s opinions are in line with their own. People who hold differing opinions are, by their definition, bigots, homophobes, racists, Islamophobes, misogynists, and intolerant haters.

Liberal “tolerance” was on full display on a flight from Baltimore, Maryland to Seattle, Washington. This was after the inauguration, and many people were on their way back home.

Scott Koteskey was one passenger who boarded the flight. He came to where his seat was and motioned to the married couple that he had a window seat and that he had to get passed them. The wife asked him, “Did you come here to cheer or to protest?” Koteskey responded, “I came here to celebrate Democracy.”

In context – considering that Trump had just been sworn in as President – I’m sure the phrase “celebrating Democracy” was code for “I’m a white-privileged, racist bigot and proud of it.” So, in response to this “coded” racist language, the wife proceeded to berate the man for his intolerance and bigotry. Here’s his account of what happened:

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Just had the craziest experience ever on an airplane:

I’m boarding my flight from Baltimore to Seattle and approach my seat. I had an upgraded seat that I paid a little extra for because of the long 6 hour flight. As I approach my row I smile and motion to the husband and wife sitting in the aisle and middle seat that my seat was next to the window. I put my backpack in the overhead and the wife with a very stern voice says to me:

“Did you come here to cheer or to protest?”

“I came here to celebrate democracy ma’am”

… I knew this was going to be a long flight at this point. She then proceeded with: (somewhat paraphrased as my memory allows)

Her: “You put a crazed man in charge of the nuclear codes! You should be ashamed!”

Me: ‘Well we’re all entitled to our opinions here ma’am.”

Her: “And I’m entitled to get drunk and puke in your lap! I’m going to throw up right in your lap! You make me sick! Don’t talk to me! Don’t look at me! Don’t you dare even put your arm on that rest. You disgust me! You should be ashamed of yourself! You put a maniac’s finger on the button” (assuming she’s means nukes). You are a bigot. You should get off this plane!”

Me: “ma’am, by definition, bigotry is disparaging someone prior to knowing them simply by their beliefs and opinions. Thank you for being the very thing you preach against.”

She the proceeded with other various rantings such as my lack of critical thinking and other insults. Finally a flight attendant came over as you will see in the video followed by a supervisor informing that she would have to deboard the plane per captains orders.

After much fuss, airport police came and removed her from the plane. The lady across from me filmed that and was gracious to sent it to me. Many others around me defended me insisting the lady had caused all the commotion and was verbally assaulting not just me but others wearing various Trump apparel boarding the plane.

As the lady was removed I saw that I was surrounded by blacks, Latinos, Asians, and whites, all who had chimed in asking her to be removed and who had defended me. I was touched and moved knowing later that not all these people were trump supporters. The black man who took the seat next to me was a registered Democrat and he and I had a very good discussion about the beauty of free speech and coming together when people insult and commit acts of violence just for having differing views.

It truly was a great demonstration of AMERICA and its people coming together and standing up for one another. Hope you enjoy.

People cheered when an officer removed her from the plane:

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