Airline Business Hurt by Terrorism

The airline business depends on tourism and tourism depends on people feeling safe on the trip.

Parts of the airline business are collapsing in Britain. The reason given by the airline is terrorism and political instability. So now, over a decade-and-a-half into the “war on terror,” one of Britain’s oldest airlines had to cancel thousands of flights.

In this particular case, the internal politics of Turkey can be blamed. But the same kind of economic consequences have occurred in relation to terrorism in France.

Breitbart reports, “Collapse of British Airline Blamed on Islamist Terror Attacks Against Western Tourists.

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The sudden closure of one of Britain’s oldest airlines has been blamed on terror attacks against tourists and political instability in key holiday destinations…

Writing to staff on Monday as the airline grounded all planes and cancelled tens of thousands of bookings, Monarch boss Andrew Swaffield explained: “The root cause is the closure, due to terrorism, of Sharm-El- Sheikh and Tunisia and the decimation of Turkey.”


The airline is not the only area of the European tourist trade that terrorism has made an impact upon. Breitbart London has reported through 2017 on how tourist numbers to Paris have collapsed following years of Islamist terror attacks in the city.

Read the full Breitbart story.

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