Air Force General Attacked Racists Who Never Existed

CNN exalted the Air Force General as better than Trump when all he did was believe an obvious hoax.

The Air Force General didn’t just condemn “racism,” in response to the racist anonymous messages at the Air Force prep school. He took the side of the Black Lives Matter perspective on Ferguson and the NFL kneeling controversy.

Here’s the CNN’s homage to the Air Force General:

The media hated Trump for not condemning Charlottesville fast enough and also for condemning Antifa as well. They said the General was a real leader.

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He was a dupe at best. And everyone knew there was at least a 75% chance this was a hoax. So, if he knew and didn’t care, he’s just a demagogue.

I doubt he’s just a dupe.

The Gazette reports, “Air Force Academy finds cadet candidate responsible for racist messages.

An Air Force Academy cadet candidate once thought the victim of racial slurs at the preparatory school on campus was actually the vandal who scrawled the threatening messages across the note boards outside his room and the dwellings of classmates.

The academy confirmed that finding Tuesday afternoon, and stood by a stern speech given by its top general in the wake of the incident. Lt. Gen. Jay Silveria gathered cadets and staff members for a speech that has gone viral in videos posted across the internet. He said that those who can’t respect others “need to get out.”

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