Ahead of the Iowa Caucuses, Eagle Rising’s Editor-in-Chief makes an Endorsement

I’ve been ruminating about an article like this for days. It’s been a difficult decision, and I’m not so sure I should be about the business of officially endorsing any political candidate. As the Editor of Eagle Rising, I know very well that our readers and our fans are a diverse body and that you all have a wide range of political ideas and cultural values. Whomever I chose to endorse, it would undoubtedly create some consternation. Some of you would likely chastise me for my choice and more than a few of you could even choose to leave Eagle Rising because of my decision.

That concerns me. I don’t want to cause dissension or sew seeds of division.

All of that being said, I think that it makes sense for me as an author at Eagle Rising and someone who regularly offers commentary on the most pressing issues of our day to offer a rationale for supporting one particular candidate over the others.

If you’ve been reading here for any length of time you already know that I could never endorse any of the current crop of Democrat candidates (and I include Lindsey Graham in that group – just kidding, kind of). Today’s Democrat Party has embraced socialism, cultural depravity, godless immorality and the creeping fascism of political correctness. Sadly, today there is no nationally influential Democrat politician that I can even consider endorsing in any kind of political race.

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Among the Republicans, several candidates have already left the race (including a few good ones, like Walker, Jindal and Perry), but too many also-rans still remain. We are less than 2 weeks away from the Iowa caucuses and Rand Paul, John Kasich, Rick Santorum, Carly Fiorina, and Mike Huckabee are all still campaigning, even though none of them is currently averaging more than 2.5% in the polls! So, for the sake of argument, I would cut all of these candidates out of the race for my endorsement.

That leaves Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Dr. Ben Carson, Jeb Bush and Chris Christie vying for the coveted endorsement of this editor.

I can quickly cut this list even further.

Chris Christie has been a tremendous positive for the state of New Jersey, and I think he should have run for the Senate. However, as a New Jersey Republican, his conservatism is suspect. He’s a moderate on far too many issues for a conservative to ever consider him seriously as our candidate for President. On taxes, spending, gay marriage, the 2nd Amendment, education, welfare, etc… the list of moderation makes him perfect for New Jersey but out of step for much of the rest of the country. Christie is out.

GOP PresidentsDr. Ben Carson is a good man, but he’s still an unknown on too many important issues. His foreign policy plans have thus far been non-existent, his record on the 2nd Amendment has been inconsistent, and his performances against his GOP rivals leave me worried about how he would deal with an adversarial Democrat in a debate. I simply have too many unresolved concerns to give Dr. Carson my endorsement – he’s out.

Jeb Bush was a solid Governor for Florida. He did a good job and ran the state as a firm, doctrinaire conservative. However, in the years since his time as Governor ended, he has steadily sullied his own conservative credentials. He’s been an avid defender of amnesty for illegal immigrants, he’s become double-minded on the gay marriage issue, he’s wholeheartedly embraced the Common Core, and he has no problem with trampling our 4th Amendment rights. But the most damning indictment of Jeb Bush today is that he has become (and perhaps he already was) a tool of the GOP establishment. Sorry, Jeb — you’re out.

That leaves Trump, Cruz and Rubio.

This is where I get nervous. See, the decision isn’t hard for me. I am a big fan of one of these men, I don’t like one of these men, and the last one is a mixed bag for me.

I’ll start with the mixed bag.

I have had a roller coaster relationship with Marco Rubio. What started out as love, turned to disillusionment (Gang of 8 Amnesty), back to love (apologized and fought against abortion) and has now returned to disquiet. Rubio was elected as a Tea Party conservative, shocking the world and defeating Charlie Crist for the GOP nomination to the Senate in Florida. Rubio faltered by siding with Lindsey Graham and John McCain on amnesty for illegal immigrants, but he rebounded when he saw the error of his ways and tried to recant. Sadly, during the course of the presidential campaign, Rubio has walked back some of that regret on amnesty, and he’s moderated his message, allowing him to become the establishment choice for President! Add to this his decision to pick up the mantle of “Most Hawkish Candidate,” and you have a Rubio who is far less conservative today than he was when elected to the Senate. He’s not my guy.

Trump or Cruz?

Now I’m going to make someone mad. I’m about to choose one candidate over another, and it’s definitely going to alienate someone. I can only ask that you not get upset and that you consider my argument.

Donald Trump Peace2I don’t trust Donald Trump. I know that he says he’s a conservative, but this is a very new development for him. In fact, he’s been a Democrat, a Republican, an Independent and back again more than once in his life. He’s considered himself more conservative in the past, only to become more liberal again, only to become more conservative again later. He wrote a book in 2000 where he argued that we needed an assault weapon ban. He said he was “very pro-choice” in 1999 and that he supported partial-birth abortion. More recently (in August of 2015), he argued that his sister (who is a federal judge) would make a wonderful Supreme Court Justice, but his sister believes that there should be a constitutional amendment defending partial birth abortion! On illegal immigration Mr. Trump supported amnesty just a few years ago, and then he was against it, but in August he was for it and now he is against it again.

Mr. Trump is also an enemy of free trade, wants a single-payer healthcare system (think socialist healthcare) and to raise taxes on the rich. He also happily admits to having bribed politicians (legally), to abusing eminent domain, and to using crony capitalism to benefit himself and hurt others. Lastly, Mr. Trump’s personal life raises many red flags for me. He has lived as a hedonist, ignoring many of the moral social conventions that conservatives hold fast to. He also claims to be a Christian but has never asked God for forgiveness, nor can he articulate what repentance actually is. There’s more, but why go into it?

More on this from LidBlog and Director Blue.

All of this leads me to say that I cannot support Donald Trump for President because I do not (and can not) trust him to lead our nation in the right direction.

Which leaves us with my choice.

Ted Cruz.

Ted Cruz is a consistent conservative with whom I agree on a great many things.

He’s a brilliant conservative, who graduated cum laude from Princeton and magna cum laude from Harvard Law School where he was the primary editor of the Harvard Law Review. One of his liberal professors, Alan Dershowitz said, “Cruz was off-the-charts brilliant.”

He is anti-establishment, having fought against both the Democrat and Republican Party on important issues.

He’s a fiscal conservative who wants to cut taxes, cut spending and shrink the government, the deficit and the debt.

He’s a social conservative who is 100% pro-life and has always been a staunch defender of life, without exception.

He’s a constitutional conservative who is invariably on the right side of almost all the important constitutional questions. He has argued before the Supreme Court on 9 different occasions, he has clerked for a Supreme Court Justice, and he has battled for our Constitutional liberties his entire career. Cruz supports a states’ right to define marriage. Cruz supports our absolute right to gun ownership. Cruz has fought valiantly for our 1st Amendment rights of free speech and religious liberty.

Lastly, he’s a moral man who is grounded in his Christian faith. Cruz was raised in a Christian home by a father who is a Pastor and in America’s largest Christian denomination, the Southern Baptist Convention. He was educated in a Christian school in Houston, Texas and he married the daughter of missionaries. He is an unabashed believer who has always openly and happily admitted his deep and abiding faith and to me this is of the utmost importance.

For all of these reasons (and still more), I am proud to give my full, unreserved endorsement of Senator Ted Cruz as the next President of the United States.

The views expressed in this opinion article are solely those of their author and are not necessarily either shared or endorsed by EagleRising.com

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