After Super Tuesday: What Does it All Mean?


The first thing I noticed about the primary races is that the Republican vote totals dwarfed the Democrats.

In Georgia, Hillary and “Bernie” [score]Bernard Sanders[/score] received a total of 749,714 votes. Compare that to the number of votes cast by Republicans: 1,273,475. That’s a difference of 523,761 in favor of the Republicans.

The male-female vote for Trump was 50-50. For Clinton it was 38-62. Hillary has a male problem and a youth problem with those under 30 who voted for Sanders.

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Dem Primary


Here’s the question: Will Republicans vote for the Republican at the top of the ticket if it’s not their candidate? Of course, the same could be asked of those who voted for Bernie Sanders.

There’s talk about a third party, a fool’s errand to be sure. Others have said they can’t vote for the “lesser of two evils.” I often ask, Which non-evil candidate are you voting for? Many of them say [score]Rand Paul[/score] even though the conservative rating for [score]Ted Cruz[/score] is higher by a few percentage points and Rand is not in the race.

Then there are those who just aren’t voting. “That will show them,” they tell me. Show who? How? There’s more to an election than the president. There are House and Senate races. We also need to remember that the next president will most likely appoint two new Supreme Court Justices.

In order to beat the Democrats in November, the Republicans need a unified party. At the moment, the party is deeply divided. The $100-million-dollar man Jeb Bush is gone. While the establishment has worked hard for [score]Marco Rubio[/score], he has only won one state, Minnesota, the only state Ronald Reagan lost to Walter Mondale. The man the establishment loves to hate – Ted Cruz – has won four states but still trails Trump.

Ben Carson needs to drop out. There comes a time in a person’s life when it’s time to quit. It’s time for him to quit. He’s only wasting donor money and political capital.

Super Tuesday map

Last week I wrote that either Cruz or Rubio needs to drop out given this scenario. If Cruz wins Texas and Rubio loses Florida, Rubio should drop out. If you can’t win your home state, you can’t win in the general election. That gives us until March 15th when Florida will hold its primary.

John Kasich is still in even though he has been at the bottom of the pile, although he did come in second in Vermont, which isn’t much since Bernie Sanders ran away with the race with 87 percent of the vote on the Democrat side.

Kasich is waiting for the Ohio primary which also takes place on March 15th. This will be decision day for Kasich and Rubio if neither one wins his home state.

If Kasich wins, there will be talk about a VP spot since Ohio is a crucial state in the electoral vote count.

Let’s keep in mind that Trump is not getting 50 percent of the vote. That means that 50 percent or more of Republicans are voting against him.

A Cruz-Rubio ticket could be the difference, but only if Rubio does well in Florida. The prospects for Rubio in Florida, however, do not look good. A friend has proposed a Rubio-Kasich ticket that might win Florida and Ohio for the GOP making it difficult for Hillary to win. A Rubio primary win in his home state is crucial for this to happen.

To borrow a line from Margo Channing (Bette Davis) in the film All About Eve, “Fasten your seatbelts. It’s going to be a bumpy” election year.

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