African-Americans Speak Out AGAINST #BlackLivesMatter

We’ve got two great videos to share with you from some wonderful Americans.

First, let’s hear from the “Stump for Trump” girls on the Viewers view as they demand that President Obama speaks out against the violence being perpetrated against police officers! It’s so refreshing to hear members of the African-American community saying that “all lives matter”!

Then fellow YouTuber BBE Ent speaking directly to the #BlackLivesMatter movement to tell them that they are promoting racism. Instead of chanting “Black Lives Matter” they too should be saying that “All Lives Matter.”

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 “Now they’re encouraging black people to go kill white people, because they want white people to feel what we felt 400 years ago,” says 27 year-old Marine veteran Michael Whaley in a message to the Black Lives Matter movement. “News flash… were you born 400 years ago?”

Before you start throwing stuff out, do research.

Do you know about the three civil rights activists killed in Mississippi? It was two white guys and a black guy… Their lives mattered.”

You know why they supported Martin Luther King? They saw the same thing Martin Luther King saw. They only see human beings, they cared, they wanted to make a change, and they died… There were white people that supported MLK, there were white people that supported Malcolm X. They actually cared.

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