African American Sheriff says “No Longer Can Blacks Claim Victim Status” Except As Victims Of Democrats

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke was a guest on Fox News’s Hannity to discuss “Race in America” with host Sean Hannity. It was during this conversation that Sheriff Clarke dropped a rhetorical bomb that is sure to get liberals hot under the collar. While discussing the efforts of the ‘Black Lives Matter’ crowd to interrupt Democrat events Clarke said:

Hillary, meet Frankenstein, they created this monster, now they realize that, if you cannot continue to feed the beast, the beast will turn on you and eat you. And that’s what’s going on here.

Sean, let’s take a look at this group, this Black Lives Matter, which i have renamed ‘Black Lies Matter,’ and the reason I have is because, this is the bastard child, as you know, of the ‘Hands up, don’t shoot.’ The whole thing is built on a lie. The whole premise is built on a lie.

But it’s a conglomeration of misfits, alright, you have the Occupy movement, you have organized labor in on it now, you have criminals, you have black racialists, you have cop-haters, and anarchists have now formed together this full movement, if you will.

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No longer in the United States, and I think that I’m living proof of that, no longer can blacks as a whole claim victim status, except for one situation. They are victims to the Democrat Party in the United States of America, and what modern liberalism has done to the black family.


No one will ever be able to accuse Sheriff Clarke of not being direct or not speaking his mind. He is sure to feel some heat from his latest comments, but his words are an affirmation for what many Americans already believe. Our nation has made great strides in race relations over the last hundred years, and while we may still have our problems – we are always striving to be better. Liberals, and the Black Lives Matter crowd in particular, seem to be choosing to blind themselves to the reality that America has much larger and more pervasive problems today than racism.

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