African-American Conservatives Fight Back Against Democrat Racial Demagoguery

Two powerful Republicans were speaking to the media on Thursday decrying the way that Democrats have used race-baiting as a bludgeon against the GOP.

Recently, Democrat leader Rep. Jim Clyburn (D-SC) had some harsh words for newly elected South Carolina Senator Tim Scott (R-SC). When asked if Scott’s election was an important moment for African-Americans – Clyburn implied that Scott’s politics made him less of a black man.

The Washington Post caught up with Rep. Clyburn to ask him about Senator Scott’s historic win in South Carolina, and Clyburn made sure that we all knew he didn’t see this as a win for African-Americans. While Senator Scott may be black, he is of course, “not black enough” for the Democrat Party.

If you call progress electing a person with the pigmentation that he has, who votes against the interest and aspirations of 95 percent of the black people in South Carolina, then I guess that’s progress.

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Senator Scott made an appearance on MSNBC’s Morning Joe to discuss his reelection and what it means on Thursday; he also got an opportunity to fire back at Clyburn’s racism.



“If you look at [Gov.] Bobby Jindal in Louisiana — a person of color. Look at my governor, Nikki Haley — a person of color. And now myself. The South has made so much progress. And the best thing that folks like Mr. Rangel can say is that he’s going to harken back to a 100 years ago, or 70 ago. Let’s talk about tomorrow,” Scott said.

conservative blacks“South Carolina voters vote their values and their issues — and not my complexion,” Scott said. “This is a great sign for what’s happening throughout the South, but certainly a fantastic sign for the evolution that has occurred in South Carolina.”

Exactly right. GOP voters across the country elect African-Americans, Latinos, women and people of other ethnicities when they hold the same values and philosophies that we do. Our lack of diversity is not because of racism – it’s because the Democrat Party have sold a bill-of-goods to America’s black community about what is in the best interest of their community.

The indomitable Condoleezza Rice was on Fox and Friends Thursday and happened to also discuss this very issue. Calling Democrats attempts to campaign with race-baiting and fear offensive and out of touch.

“The idea that you would play such a card and try fearmongering among minorities just because you disagree with Republicans, that they are somehow all racists, I find it appalling. I find it insulting…

We are not race blind. Of course we still have racial tensions in this country. But the United States of America has made enormous progress in race relations and it is still the best place on Earth to be a minority.”

Hopefully this is a message that more people start hearing – it’d be nice to not have to talk about the politics of racism in America one day…

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