Affluenza and the Death of Personal Responsibility

Couch’s Intentions Are Irrelevant


I feel a little sorry for Ethan Couch for accidentally killing four people and injuring two others when he was drunken-driving. I mean he didn’t plan to kill those people. It was an accident.


But his intentions are irrelevant when the results were horrid. Intentions do not erase atrocious results. The dead are dead whether Ethan was just out having a good time or meant to kill his victims. An accident is an accident on the perpetrators side but it a firm result on the conclusive side.  Death is not undone as a result of accidental inattention.


Couch was given rehab and ten years’ probation. His victims were given eternal death.


He and his mother escaped to Mexico.  They were caught. If justice were justice Ethan would be executed.  And even that wouldn’t come close to equaling the punishment he gave to his victims. 


Alright, perhaps life in prison would do.  It’s time we started punishing the guilty no matter their intentions.  The results of their actions should be the measuring stick of their punishments. Their intentions are irrelevant.


The excuse for his negligent homicide is that he had affluenza – a disease of spoiled, rich brats. Yet to be a spoiled rich brat would be a benefit not a punishment.


Punish the guilty. Maybe it will result in discouragement for future negative deeds.

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