Actor Shia Labeouf Arrested After Assaulting Counter-Protesters [VIDEO]

A couple of days ago we brought you the interesting and obviously hypocritical new piece of performance art being undertaken by Shia Labeouf in New York City. The performance art piece has Labeouf standing in front of a camera saying (of Donald Trump), “He will not divide us.” (That message is also printed on the wall above the camera.) I argue that this performance art piece is hypocritical because it’s not Donald Trump who is “dividing” us, it’s aggressive and vitriolic liberals like Labeouf.

On Wednesday night, Labeouf was arrested by the NYPD in relation to an assault claim that took place a couple of days prior. Sadly for Labeouf, the assault was caught on camera and seems like a “slam dunk” case…

Here’s the video of the assault:

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And here’s the video of his arrest:

By the way, you can see more of Shia getting crazy below. You can see him take a swing at one man, berate and accost another, and then he seemingly sexually assaults a 3rd (you’ll see what I mean). Let’s just say Shia is losing it.

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