Actor Nick Cannon Speaks Out Against ‘Real Genocide’ of Abortion

“I’m only responsible for what I say, not for what you understand” – Nick Cannon

Nick Cannon, a musician and actor, has fallen under fire from the left after stating that abortion is killing off the black community. He has taken up an interest in the community and recently enrolled at Howard University, studying communication.

Below, you can see a recent interview of Cannon on the New York City radio show “the Breakfast Club.” During the interview, host Charlamagne Tha God, stated that Cannon is responsible for Trump’s presidential victory. When Charlamagne stated that one reason Trump won was because Cannon encouraged people “not to vote,” Cannon replied that he is not responsible for what people understand, only for what he says. He said he simply told people that the presidential candidates didn’t “respect” their vote.

He went on to say that the election was about voters being forced to choose between the “lesser of two evils” and that should not happen in a nation as blessed as ours.

Perhaps one of the most important moments in the interview was when the group discussed Trump’s stand against abortion. Cannon sees this as a very important topic.

He passionately stated…

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