Activist Actress Alyssa Milano Slammed for Wearing Revealing Top at Kavanaugh Hearing

Some are slamming one-time actress Alyssa Milano for wearing a revealing blouse that was gaping open nearly down to her navel at the Kavanaugh hearings on Thursday.

Somehow or another Twitter warrior and hatemoger Alyssa Milano ended up with a front row seat just behind Judge Brett Kavanaugh at Thursday’s hearings. But some are slamming the one-time actress for wearing a revealing blouse that was gaping open nearly down to her navel.

Milano, who is now more famous for her spittle-specked, hate-filled tweets instead of her acting, winged her way to Washington to attend the Kavanaugh hearings. Somehow, she got a front-row seat in the gallery. But the choice of clothing the Hollywoodiot and mother of two wore raised some eyebrows.

According to Yahoo Lifestyle, her wide-open shirt was dinged as “tacky.”

Alyssa Milano attended Thursday’s Senate Judiciary Committee in support of Professor Christine Blasey Ford‘s testimony that Judge Brett Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her in high school. However, Milano’s “Hollywood outfit” and “tacky” cleavage was slammed as theatrics.

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The actress and mother-of-two was a guest of Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein who initially received a private letter written by Ford alleging that Kavanaugh held her down on a bed and forcefully tried to remove her clothing at a 1982 house party, restricting her breathing.

Wearing a black dress and a black leather jacket, Milano tweeted encouragement to Ford from the crowd. She also told ABC News, “I felt like I needed to be here to show my solidarity for Dr. Ford on this day that will be very difficult for her.” Milano reportedly teared up during the hearing.

Twitter erupted with people wondering why Milano was dressing like a hooker.

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