Acting FBI Director McCabe – a Staunch Democrat – Contradicts Major Mainstream Media Narrative

The big news over the past 24 hours was that just days before Trump fired James Comey from his post as FBI Director, the bureau had requested more money – later reported as ‘more resources’ – from the Department of Justice for the investigation into Russia’s ties to Trump.

This bolstered the major media’s narrative about how Trump fired Comey as a way to ‘cover up’ the Russia investigation. As if Comey was ‘getting too close’ or something.

If that was Trump’s goal, then he’s stuck – temporarily at least – with Andrew McCabe who’s a staunch Democrat running the FBI. To think that McCabe is going to carry the water for Trump is just silly. Both Andrew McCabe and his wife are big time Democrats with support and ties with the Clintons and Democratic Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe.

All that makes McCabe’s statements contradicting major media outlets all the more interesting.

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When it had been reported by big media networks and newspapers that Comey had requested more resources just prior to getting canned, a Department of Justice spokes(wo)man Sarah Flores resoundingly rejected the narrative as completely false.

Democrats responded that she’s only saying that to protect the President.

But then McCabe said the same thing at Thursday’s Senate Intelligence Committee hearing. He was asked by Senator [score]Susan Collins[/score] (R-ME) if he was aware of that request for ‘more resources.’

SEN. SUSAN COLLINS: Are you aware of that request? Can you confirm that that request was in fact made?

ANDREW McCABE, FBI ACTING DIRECTOR: I can not confirm that request was made. As you know, ma’am, when we need resources we make those requests here. So I am not aware of that request and it is not consistent with my understanding of how we requested additional resources. That said, we don’t typically request resources for an individual case. And as I mentioned I strongly believe the Russia investigation is adequately resourced.

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