Accuser Ford Does Not Back Impeaching Kavanaugh, Wants to End Involvement

The woman who riled the country with false accusations of sexual harassment against Judge Brett Kavanaugh now says she does not back impeaching the judge.

The woman who riled the country with false accusations of sexual harassment against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh now says she does not back impeaching the judge and wants no more part in the media circus surrounding her accusations.

Democrats have already announced that they plan to move to impeach Kavanaugh from the bench if they regain control of Congress after the 2018 elections. But, according to Ford’s attorney, Debra Katz, the accuser does not back the impeachment plan.

Per CNN:

“Professor Ford has not asked for anything of the sort. What she did was to come forward and testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee and agree to cooperate with any investigation by the FBI and that’s what she sought to do here,” Katz said.

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Ford accused Kavanaugh of sexually assaulting her at a party more than three decades ago while they were both in high school. Kavanaugh has repeatedly denied the allegation. The allegation threw his confirmation process into a tailspin for weeks, but it appears back on track now after a 51-49 vote to move past a key procedural step and three key senators saying they’ll vote “yes” in the final confirmation vote Saturday.

Ford privately shared her story with the ranking Democrat on the Senate Judiciary Committee, Sen. Dianne Feinstein of California, but the allegation leaked. As a result, Ford decided to go public. Her attorney Lisa Banks said Ford doesn’t have any regrets about coming forward.

“I don’t think she has any regrets. I think she feels like she did the right thing,” Banks said.

“And this was what she wanted to do, which was provide this information to the committee so they could make the best decision possible. And I think she still feels that was the right thing to do, so I don’t think she has any regrets.”

This will not likely satisfy anyone on the left, granted. They will continue to invoke Ford’s name and her thin testimony as “proof” that Kavanaugh should be eliminated from the Supreme Court (or any other court, for that matter).

Several Democrats have announced their intention to pursue impeachment if Kavanaugh is conformed to the Supreme Court.

According to Axios: “top Democratic operatives are already talking about the impeachment of Brett Kavanaugh as a 2020 campaign issue if he gets confirmed to the Supreme Court. A well-known Democratic strategist says the ‘only question is: Who calls for it first?’”

Still, it isn’t likely that any impeachment effort against Kavanaugh would ever succeed. Impeachment demands a majority vote to remove a judge in the House, and a two-thirds majority in the Senate. This is highly unlikely.

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