Accused Racist Graffiti Artist Charged [VIDEO!]

The racist graffiti at Eastern Michigan University caused a meltdown of mass social justice seizures last year. All caused by one man.

You probably missed it amid all the hate crimes that the Trump campaign was committing, but there was a racial moral panic meltdown in Ypsilanti, Michigan, home of the EMU campus. Someone defaced University property with naughty words. This caused a series of “protests” that were still going on in January of this year. The Detroit Free Press reports back then, “EMU students step up protests against racism.

More than 100 protesters rallied in the student center, where students last semester spent the night in a peaceful demonstration against what they believe is inaction by the university in tracking down those responsible for spray-painting racist messages on campus buildings.

After that demonstration, the university issued code of conduct violations to a number of students related to staying in a building past when it was supposed to be closed. Protesters on Tuesday night said 16 students had been hit with the violations. Punishments have ranged from deferred suspensions to formal letters of reprimand.

“Really? They want to punish the protesters, but aren’t doing anything to people who wrote the messages,” said EMU sophomore Mike Long, 22, a junior from Ypsilanti. “They are the ones who are racist.”

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Of course, no one yet had any idea of who they are, nor was there any evidence that there was more than one perpetrator.

But you can search the google news archives and find a bunch of reports on the crisis. I recommend you do. Watch the racial justice drama. Watch the tension. Watch the moral panic. Watch the fear. Feel the angst.

Here’s a taste:

So, the news came out finally that they’ve arrested the white supremacist who wrote the racist graffiti that caused the mass social justice seizures.

Except he wasn’t a white supremacist, or a white nationalist, or even a white separatist.

The Detroit Free Press reports, “Eastern Michigan U. racist graffiti: Ex-student charged, did it for ‘self-serving’ reasons.

A 29-year-old former Eastern Michigan University student placed racist graffiti around the Ypsilanti school’s campus last year not because he was politically motivated, the school’s police chief said Monday.

“It was totally self-serving,” Eastern Michigan University Chief of Police Robert Heighes told the media during a quick news conference. “It was not driven by politics. It was not driven by race.”

Heighes would not elaborate more on the motive, but said no other person or groups were involved.

I’m skeptical of the claim that there were no racial or political motivations, even though the perp has a criminal record and is serving time on other charges. I’d like to know more but I suspect the media is going to drop this story and wait for the next hate crime.

By the way, you’re supposed to speak TRUTH to power. Reciting lies and superstitions doesn’t stop tyranny but energizes it.

Read the full story.

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