Abortion Defender Whines When People Disagree with Her!

To raise an argument against a liberal narrative is by itself considered to be an attack on the truth. According to liberals liberalism in all its forms is truth. There can’t be a challenge to such “truth.” To do so is to deny reality whether it’s about climate change, race, abortion, evolution, school choice, immigration, economic policy, etc. You name the issue, and you will find liberals who will denounce you for making an argument.

The latest example is from Jill Filipovic, senior political writer for the soft-porn magazine Cosmopolitan,1 who complained about comments made by people on the conservative comment site Twitchy regarding her pro-Planned Parenthood views:

“Filipovic decried how she had been ‘Twitchied,’ after she defended Planned Parenthood immediately after the Center for Medical Progress released its first undercover video on the abortion giant’s harvesting of unborn babies’ organs and tissue. She underlined that the conservative site’s ‘role as an organized harassment tool is almost never discussed,’ and contended that ‘going after liberals seems to be a part of their mission, but they also tend to single out women and people of color.’”

There you have it. To argue against a person’s position is “harassment”…

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