Abortion Abolition is Possible, and Oklahoma could be ‘Ground Zero’

Why? Because it’s life or death. It’s the difference between standing up against the worst holocaust in human history, or choosing to participate in the murder of another generation of people.

There is a spectacular candidate for Governor running in Oklahoma and his name is Dan Fisher.

Dan Fisher for Governor

Fisher is a pastor, not a politician. He’s also a proud defender of life and a self-described “abortion abolitionist.”

He’s not a “one issue” candidate, but he will admit that there is one issue that rises in importance above the rest of them and that is the issue of abortion.

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Why? Because it’s life or death. It’s the difference between standing up against the worst holocaust in human history, or choosing to participate in the murder of another generation of people.

Fisher recently gave an interview to the Federalist’s James Silberman where he spoke about his run for Governor and about his position on abortion, federalism, and the power of the Supreme Court.

Listen as Fisher explains what it means to be an “abortion abolitionist” as opposed to just another pro-life candidate.

I’d just like to see people be honest. Say what you are. I know that there are many people who believe that abortion is wrong and call themselves pro-life, and believe that’s a legitimate title. And for years, I have too. That was until I served in the legislature and discovered that for people in government, that’s a smokescreen. Personally, they might be against abortion, but they’re not going to pay any political price to see abortion come to an end.

To them, what pro-life means is you pass a few measures, put a few barricades out there to slow abortion down, but do nothing to end it. There are some who campaign as pro-life who actually fight against measures that move any faster than they want to move in ending abortion. When I came to that realization, I knew something was wrong there, and I realized abortion is something that should end, not be regulated. We don’t regulate murder. We stop it.

During the slavery debate in the nineteenth century, there were two groups of people who were against slavery: the anti-slavery group, and the abolitionists. The anti-slavery group thought slavery was wrong and should come to an end, they just wouldn’t lift a finger to do what was right. They certainly weren’t going to lose any blood or sweat or tears to do it.

Conversely, the abolitionists were willing to do what it took to end it even if it took them dying to do so. So, I would just love for people to step out and be honest, to say what they’re willing to do. When you say you’re pro-life, does that mean that you would be willing to end abortion and call it murder? That you really want to stop it, not just regulate it?

Incrementalism is the real problem here. The belief of many pro-lifers that you can incrementally end this evil. We’ve been incrementally ending it for 44 years, and what we have to show for it is 60 million dead babies, and about 200,000 of them killed here in good old, conservative Oklahoma.

Read the entire interview at the Federalist, it’s well worth your time.

I’ve written about Fisher in the past, and i’ve even asked you to support him.

Nothing has changed my calculus on the issue, he’s the man for our time, he’s the man for Oklahoma.

I truly hope that Oklahomans will give Dan Fisher their support in the upcoming election.

You can learn more about his candidacy for Governor at his website, please lend Fisher your support. While not everyone can give monetarily, all can give something of their time, talent, or resources.


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