Aborted Babies, Body Parts, And Why Conservatives Don’t Get It

If you turn on your car radio, you can scan up and down the AM dial all day long. But if you’re trying to tune in 98.7 FM, you’re not going to pick up the tunes. It doesn’t matter how close you are to the station, or how good your radio and antenna are; it doesn’t even matter that you really, really want to tune it in. The fact remains that 98.7 FM just isn’t putting out what your AM radio is picking up.

Lately there has been much talk by liberals who are outraged about Cecil the lion and how wrong his death was – an innocent creature killed at the hands of a butcher who called himself a hunter. In predictable fashion, conservatives immediately brought up the irony of how many innocent babies are aborted and sold off for parts by butchers who call themselves doctors. And, just as predictably, the mainstream media downplayed the irony; the left bristled at the comparison and at conservatives who would dare to meddle with the concept of “a woman’s right to choose.”

What conservatives just never seem to get in these discussions is that the conservative mind is as different from the liberal mind as FM is different from AM. Until we learn what it takes to get them on the right radio spectrum, we will be broadcasting our programming to no avail.

Please hear me. I am a conservative, too. I’m driven nuts sometimes by logical inconsistencies from the left. I’m stunned when liberals are angered when I simply ask questions for which they cannot give reasoned and logical answers. They seem to think our questions are irrelevant, because the questions ignore the way they feel. And somehow, it never occurs to them that they really need to entertain the questions.

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It’s like we live in a different universe. I believe good people with guns stop bad people with guns; the more guns owned by good people, the better. The left says the problem is that too many people have guns. They think gun-free zones are a wonderful thing. Heck, even Nancy Pelosi said that when the gunman realizes nobody else is armed, he will lay down his weapons and turn himself in. It’s human nature, apparently.

Actually, she didn’t really say it. But it sort of sounds like something a liberal would say. And we are supposed to ignore both her concealed carry permit and the heat she packs; consistency is the bugaboo of the conservative mind. The irony is that she doesn’t seem to come under fire for carrying as much as conservatives support the idea that she should have a right to do so.

equality is no abortionThese inconsistencies from the liberals bother me. I want to embrace what is true, no matter where the truth takes me. If I’ve missed it, I will adjust my thinking to match the facts. A healthy mind wants what is right, and not simply what is convenient. So I’m open to challenges, open to have hypocrisy pointed out if I’m being hypocritical. Because I really don’t want to be that guy.

But conservatives miss it when we think that if we present clear logic to a liberal friend, they will automatically see the light. Some do eventually sort these things out and embrace truth when confronted with it. But our mistake is to assume that the whole problem is bad logic.

A reasonable liberal can eventually become a good conservative when challenged by good logic. But don’t underestimate the uncanny ability for a human being to believe what he or she wants to believe, when believing something different means having to act differently; especially if that new course of action is going to cost them something.

If someone holds deeply to something they want, it is painful to walk away from what is wanted for the sake of what is right. The bible talks about how people know what God is like, based on looking at nature around them and listening to their consciences. But they don’t like what they see and hear. And because, when God reveals Himself, they don’t like Him, they toss the real God aside and take up all kinds of false gods instead because they like them better. The scary part is that, because they do this based on likes instead of truths, God gives them over to a mind incapable of being able to discern right from wrong anymore.

If someone doesn’t really want the truth, but simply wants license to do whatever feels good, they will get to a point where logic and reason does little to help them. A heart hardened around what it wants becomes militant. If you get in the way of that, you are a threat – you stand between them what they want. Their end-game is not merely to get equal treatment under the law; their objective is to actually use the law to silence any who would even say they are wrong. They need the laws to affirm they are right against all that is screaming inside them, saying they are wrong.

Politicians, hungry for power and control, simply put their finger to the wind, find out what the most militant among us want, and that is what they sell them. And because they deliver what the most demanding want, they keep getting elected. Most go along to get along, with the end result being that the militant set the agenda. Of course, not everyone on the left is militant. Most are merely caught in the updraft and are swayed by the sum total of public opinion, which has now been dragged horribly left of center.

Conservatives need to recognize that this battle is only partly a battle of good arguments. If it was only a battle of sound bites, we would have won long ago. In the end, great conservative truth will be silenced the brute force and tyranny of the left unless conservatives realize that this battle will not be won by intelligence, but by intercession.

The bulk of this battle must be fought on our knees.

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