ABC’s Scandal Shows Ignorance about the Constitution and the 2ndAmendment

I haven’t watched a show on the big three networks – ABC, CBS, NBC – for years. Since the 2012 election, I haven’t watched Fox News. I’ve been getting my news and entertainment elsewhere.

This means that if anything of significance develops on a network show, I have to hear about from some alternative news source.
The following is from MRCNewsBusters:

“ABC’s Scandal, which has a fresh episode tonight, last week featured ‘President Fitzgerald Grant,’ supposedly a Republican, channeling Piers Morgan as he used the State of the Union address to plead for more gun control: ‘How many other people’s children are we going to let die before we put a stop to this?’

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“He then compared gun rights with slavery: ‘The right to bear arms — set in stone in the Constitution by our founding fathers. So was slavery, by the way.”

There’s no doubt that many people will fall for this “logic.” But in order for an argument to be sound, it must be factual.

The issue of slavery was a major concern at the Constitutional Convention and was discussed at length in the debates. A significant minority of the delegates to the Federal Convention were staunch opponents of slavery. Franklin and Hamilton opposed slavery. John Jay, who would become the first Chief Justice of the United States, was president of the New York anti-slavery society. Northern Federalist leaders Rufus King and Gouvernour Morris were outspoken opponents of slavery and the slave trade….

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