ABC’s Rebooted ‘Bewitched’ Series to Portray America as Racist and Whites as Privileged Slackers

Remember that great old 1960s TV show, Bewitched, the story of an ad executive who married a witch and comedy ensued? Well, ABC has just given the greenlight to re-boot the show, but it won’t be the same old Bewitched you remember. In fact, it was be nothing short of a hate-America fest filled with stories that paint the U.S. as racist.

Way to ruin a fun show, huh?

The original series that ran from 1964 to 1972 starred the beautiful Elizabeth Montgomery in the title role of Samantha Stephens, a witch living with mortals here on the earthly realm. Sam’s wacky witchy family were always popping down to earth to give Sam and her mortal hubby, Darrin Stephens, a world of troubles.

Darrin, portrayed by Dick York in the first few seasons and Dick Sargent for the rest of the series, was a hardworking ad executive who was a loving and loyal husband even though vexed by his wife’s strange family. And the show portrayed Sam as the wisest person in the room at all times, always the one to solve  all the couple’s troubles at the end of the day.

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So, what is the new Bewitched going to bring us?

It’s going to be nothing but “All, ya’all is racists”… of course.

Per Breitbart News:

The show will feature a black Samantha, a hardworking, single mom who also just happens to be a witch, who marries a white slacker named Darren. But Samantha will find that even with magic at her command she can’t get ahead in America because she is not a white male.

ABC has ordered the reboot from Black-ish co-creators Kenya Barris and Yamara Taylor.

The original series ran for eight popular seasons and starred Elizabeth Montgomery as Samantha and both Dick York and later Dick Sargent as Darren. The original series featured a mortal Darren as a hardworking newlywed to his witchy wife, Samantha. But the new series will apparently turn the hardworking Darrin into a privileged, slacker who vexes his black wife.

To many, the original series was one of the early “female empowerment” movement TV shows as the central figure was clearly a hardworking wife (and later a mother) who in the end was always smarter and wiser than the rest of the cast. Indeed, the series turned traditional gender roles on their heads as even though husband Darren was a smart, serious fellow with a steady, high-end job, he was always subordinate to his magical wife and constantly struggled with the fact that his wife was more powerful than he in their relationship. Sadly, the reboot, as it is described in early reports, will be a less clever version of the original with a some political correctness mixed with magic.

Hollywood has tried to re-boot this series several times — even trying a badly received movie starring Australian actress Nicole Kidman and the almost never funny Will Ferrell — but so far only the original has been worth a darn.

And looking at the race-baiting, white hating, nonsense it appears that this new series will contain, it seems like the original will still reign supreme.

Look for this re-booted white-hating Bewitched to be another TV flop made by people who are more interested in pushing a left-wing, anti-American and race-pushing agenda instead of making great entertainment.

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