ABC Airs Pro-Trump Sitcom Thanks to Roseanne Barr [VIDEO]

The New York Times interviewed Roseanne Bar because her nine-episode pro-Trump sitcom is about to airing. Roseanne was never a conservative, of course.

Roseanne is no conservative but it will be amazing for a network to run a pro-Trump sitcom.

The New York Times interviewed Roseanne Barr because her nine-episode pro-Trump sitcom is airing. Roseanne was never a conservative, of course. Her original sitcom really pushed the whole homosexual agenda. But the interviewer insists on acting like Donald Trump is essentially another Religious Right conservative rather than someone very close to Roseanne Barr’s views but who hates the Clintons, the establishment Republicans, and who has made an alliance with Christians as part of her coalition.

The New York Times reports, “Roseanne Conner Has Become a Trump Supporter. Just Like Her Creator.

When last we saw Roseanne Conner, in 1997, the character was sitting alone on that old living room couch, after revealing that her husband, Dan, had died of a heart attack and that all nine seasons of “Roseanne” had been a grief-induced fantasy about her family. (Or something like that.)

Now Roseanne is back, the fantasy is out and Trump is in.

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The show’s Emmy-winning star, Roseanne Barr, returns Tuesday night to ABC with a nine-episode revival season. Dan’s back too, once again played by John Goodman, as is daughter Darlene (Sara Gilbert, who is also an executive producer) and much of the original cast.

“Roseanne” was a bona fide trailblazer the first time around, with its focus on blue-collar Americans, its diversity of L.G.B.T. characters, and its star — a woman who did not look or sound like a typical television female lead. The new “Roseanne” is topical in its own ways, starting with Roseanne Conner’s full-throated support for President Trump. Ms. Barr is a Trump backer as well, to the dismay of many fans; she argued on “Jimmy Kimmel” recently that supporting Mr. Trump was critical to keeping Mike Pence from the presidency.

Ms. Barr, now 65 and living in Hawaii where she has a macadamia nut farm, recently spoke by phone with Patrick Healy, the politics editor and a former culture reporter and editor at The Times, about the “Roseanne” revival, her stormy past on the show, her views on women in Hollywood and her feelings about President Trump.

Read the New York Times interview.

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