A Squandered Legacy: The Deception, Failure and Retreat of Barack Obama

The presidency of Barack “Hussein” Obama can be characterized in one word: disaster! In spite of the huge emotional investment in this malefactor’s occupation of the White House by Globalists, Neo-Liberals, Leftists and the corrupt American news media, no presidency will be remembered with greater ignominy than his. The first negative signs were manifested when candidate Obama embarked on a universal tour, where he commenced the endless narrative of apologizing for America’s foot print in the world. The mea culpas for American greatness played the world stage like a rock concert, with Obama working the microphone stand in Jagger style gesticulation, in full  condemnation of American exceptionalism.

Obama’s message of hope, transparency and unity literally turned out to be be one of divisiveness, retreat and disillusionment. Who knew? Energized by the consummate victory of electing the first African-American President, and wedded to the concept of having a chance to  radically redefine what America should come to symbolize at home and abroad, Liberal elites, as a first important step, encapsulated Obama in a political steal casing designed to deflect scrutiny and negativity away from so Promethean a leader by accusing anyone daring to criticize Obama as just another knee-jerk racist. What more effective strategy could Obama supporters have utilized than the race card? As it turned out, the Obama agenda was nothing short of a wholesale attempt to offer up traditional American values, American borders and the sanctity of the rule of law on the altar of Globalism. This was clearly a path that made substantial numbers of Americans both apprehensive and anxious. Add to this reality that as a Presidential technician, he simply proved to be both politically inept in domestic affairs and unnervingly weak and incompetent in foreign ones. In the words of the Declaration of Independence, “Let the Facts be submitted to a candid world:”

Obama’s moral magniloquence, as if preaching from the pulpit of a church, always seemed to fall far short of the reality. While he didn’t blanch when it came time to paying out 426 billion dollars of Federal taxpayers money to bail out failed auto companies and failed banks, the ninety-five plus million people out of work or who had given up looking for work as of the end of his term in office would be the beneficiaries of no such largess. The increased number of Americans on food stamps, especially African-Americans, would most likely lend credence to the same chorus. The man who billed himself as the great unifier was in fact the great divider, as evidenced by the marked deterioration of race relations in the country on his watch. Why one asks? Obama sought validation within African American precincts by personally injecting himself into racial issues and incidents. None was more glaringly reflective of the great Obama hypocrisy than his actions after the Ferguson, Missouri incident, which will go down as one of the most deceptive and manipulative events in the history of American race relations. The phony narrative about how Michael Brown was shot while his hands were raised and surrendering to police, even though every shred of ballistic and forensic evidence ultimately refuted this claim, still did not prevent Obama from trotting out the F.B.I., the Department of Justice and his flunky Attorney General, Eric Holder to the scene of the crime to monitor the situation on the ground as well as announce the opening of a Federal civil rights case on behalf of Brown, and to reassure the African-American community that “we have your backs.” As if implying that local and state investigators and prosecutors were incapable of rendering a fair and impartial decision, Obama felt that as President of the United States, it was politically more expedient to maintain his “cred” with the African-American community. Obama’s mealy-mouthed reply in an official statement, while condemning violence, seemed simultaneously to infer that there was somehow a lack of ability for the people of Ferguson to peacefully protest and express their views in the aftermath of the decision not to indict officer Darren Wilson because of the heavy-handed actions of police. In light of the three days of rioting and carnage, a real leader would not only have condemned violence, but would have added the need for the people of Ferguson to respect the idea of the rule of law, and that deciding a person is automatically guilty by virtue of being a white police officer is not in keeping with that most fundamental tradition of American jurisprudence.

Similarly, Obama seemed more concerned with upholding the rights of the transgender community than of Christians being beheaded by, ah yes…The J.V. Team, ISIS. Obama’s truculence in his insistence that Fort Hood, San Bernardino and Orlando Florida were examples of either work place related violence or the machinations of a single, detached and deranged individual flew in the face of the Islamic Jihadist cancer metastasizing before his very eyes. He was more comfortable lecturing Americans about the need to avoid Islamaphobia than to call out the enemy for who and what it was. His foreign policy initiatives were reassuring, not to our nation, but to our enemies. In Obama they knew they had a world-class wimp, a moralistic airbag filled with the stench of pious flatulence ready to release at a moment’s notice to preach to foes of the United States how they “were on the wrong side of history.” There is nothing to admire in Vladimir Putin; he is a scourge to civilization, a rogue, thug and abuser of human rights. He did however understand the use of raw power, as opposed to Obama, who only understood the employment of useless rhetoric. It was a pie in the sky hope that the first ever American President uncomfortable with the use of the tremendous power of the United States would have presented to Vladimir Putin anything other than the contemptible and pitiable adversary Obama turned out to be. It was pie in the sky to think that lofty words and naive ideals without the force to back them up would result in the peace and utopian tranquility that Obama believed would transform a violent and chaotic world. The Obama reset button with Russia got stuck when pushed. The complete and total withdrawal of a credible American military force in Iraq laid the groundwork for the expanding, murderous caliphate of ISIS and the red line in the sand against the Assad regime that Obama never crossed proved once again to be an exercise in moralistic flatulence. At the end of the day, its actions that garner respect not words.

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This is the fundamental lesson that Barack Obama never quite ingested. As the result of Obama’s misguided view that people would do and act the way he wanted because he sincerely believed he knew better than anyone else, he weaved a world of uncertainty among allies, scorn among enemies and suspicion among his own countrymen. Obama believed he could settle atop the perch and pontificate to the mortals below. This was never more clearly demonstrated than with Obama’s total non-relationship with Speaker of the House John Boehner and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. Obama’s reticence to engage in the give and take of politics, to horse trade with politicians, to employ the “Johnson treatment” or “Roosevelt soft-touch” was a key ingredient in the eight years of government inertia at the federal level. President Obama never understood that he was first and foremost a political leader, not a benign philosopher-king, periodically forced to respond to the distractions posed by the common man. Obama proved too aloof for the highly physical contact sport of Presidential politics. He proved too unwilling to concede that in the realm of back-slapping and double-dealing American politics he was totally out of his law school lecturer element — he could never understood or accept his having to climb into the the ring of the banal to generate action and achieve results. He could never accept that the world was less about oratorical flurry than it was about trying to effectively learn how to negotiate the hard-headed realities involved in bringing people of different thoughts, perspectives and backgrounds together to function and be as one. Because of Obama’s own glaring lack of political acumen, his efforts to enact a meaningful legislative program proved a monumental failure resulting in government by Executive order.

We were sold a bill of goods with Obama, a bill of goods about hope, unity and transparency.

The Patient Protection and Affordable care Act was supposed to accomplish for Americans the long sought fulfillment of universal health care for all. Involving a tectonic shift in approximately 1/6th of the American economy, the Obama philosophy of more government control, more government administration, more government oversight and more government involvement in the lives of ordinary Americans was at the very heart of this monstrosity of a health care bill, derisively known as “Obamacare.” The 2,700 page document was touted as the signature piece of domestic legislation of the Obama presidency, even though one predicated on duplicity and falsehood. Obama was deceptive and downright untruthful in the presentation of this socialist inspired boondoggle. How often did hopeful American hear the words, “if you like your plan, you can keep your plan; if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.” No matter, as the old Obama axiom of “I always know best” is all that people needed to hear to carry the day. Today, Obamacare is on a rudderless boat headed down the Suwannee, with more insurers jumping ship each day. The deceptive lack of transparency of Obama on health insurance was only the tip of the iceberg. How about concealing knowledge of the attempt of Russia to subvert the American electoral process long before Donald Trump was ever elected President? How about the illegal surveillance of conservative groups and use of the Internal Revenue Service to enforce retribution against Obama critics? How about trampling on basic American rights by forced acceptance of legislation that runs contrary to basic American principles like religious liberty? How about the unmasking of American citizens in total violation of the provisions of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA), and using the information against political enemies. The list is endless, and is reflective of the sewer mentality that characterized the eight pitiful years of the Apologizer-In-Chief.

What then are Americans left to believe about the once great hope and potentiality of the Obama years? They were supposed to have been transformative and they were…an occupant of the White House attempted to subvert traditional American values of love of country, patriotism, and religious freedom with hatred of country, subservience to global interest and persecution of those whose religious and moral systems were at odds with the culture of radical feminism, gay rights, abortion and delegitimization of Christianity. They were supposed to be years of transparency, and yet they turned out to be years of rank dishonesty and disingenuosness, especially when it came to  scandal over the misuse of the Internal Revenue Service, the Health Care Lie and debacle, the misuse of the nation’s Intelligence Community as a weapon against political opponents , the flagrant cover-up of the intervention of a foreign power in our electoral process, the increased use of drones to wage war and perhaps worst and most unforgivable, the utter and absolute failure to vigorously uphold the law with respect to keeping American citizens safe at home and abroad.

If History is kind to Obama, it will not be because of the robust leadership he provided for the United States, but rather for the fact that he was a genuinely nice guy, someone you wouldn’t mind sitting down in shirtsleeves at the kitchen table having a cup of coffee with, or perhaps because he truly believed himself to be endowed with a moral mandate that only the most obstinate of fools would fail to recognize and follow. History may be more forgiving on this basis, for how can the world hate an idealist? Amos Bronson Alcott, the nineteenth-century transcendentalist, writer, poet and savant was known to lecture at the drop of a hat. He was a supremely poor provider because his propensity for talking and lecturing permeated every moment of his daily existence. When his family was bordering on starvation, he was known to have stated to his friend Ralph Waldo Emerson, “that the Lord will provide in our time of material need.” More often than not, Emerson was the Lord’s substitute. Like Alcott, Obama somehow failed to connect the ideal and the real; his continuous lectures to the American people in hues of high-toned loftiness could never quite accomplish putting bread on the table or buying the baby a new pair of shoes…



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