A Public Letter from Conservative Actor James Woods After His Ban by Twitter

Conservative actor James Woods has not been seen on since September 20 since he was blocked by because he is a conservative.

Actor James Woods has become one of the most popular conservative commentators on social media giant Twitter, but he has not been seen on the platform since September 20 as he was blocked by Twitter because he is a conservative.

For several years, now, Woods has made no bones about the fact that he is a conservative and his Twitter feed is filled with activism and comments on the day’s political topics. His comments are usually insightful and pertinent. Naturally, the extremist left-wingers who run Twitter can’t have that!

With his straight talk and pithy observances, the Ray Donovan and White House Down actor has become a fast favorite among conservatives and has built a Twitter account with 1.72 million followers.

But now, Twitter has locked Woods out of his own Twitter account. Why? Because he is conservative and because he is effective.

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Woods’ associate, Sara Miller, recently posted an image showing that Twitter demanded that the 71-year-old actor delete an image Twitter insists contains “text and imagery that has the potential to be misleading in a way that could impact an election.”

After he was locked out of his account, Woods said in a statement, “You are a coward, @jack. There is no free speech for Conservatives on @Twitter.”#JamesWoods.”

The supposedly offensive image featured three pajama-boy-type liberals excitedly announcing that they would not vote so that the vote of women would somehow be “worth more.”

Here is the Woods tweet that Twitter said violated its rules:

Few would find that offensive on any level other than a lack of appreciation over the politics of the matter. It isn’t “violent,” it isn’t “inciting, anyone” and nor does it amount to pornography or fall into any other such category. And how it affects the outcome of an election is anyone’s guess. Woods wasn’t advancing the sentiment in the image, he was decrying it.

This weekend Woods associate posted a letter to Twitter telling fans what was going on.

So, it is impossible not to realize that Twitter has taken this action over Woods’ politics, not over any “violation” of its rules.

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