A Private Non-Profit Organization is Conducting Raids on ISIS to Free Sex Slaves

This is how Western culture should be fighting back against Islamic terrorism… with the free market. A few years ago a Canadian man was reading about the intolerable barbarity of ISIS when he decided that he would do something about it.

Steve Maman is a Jewish-Canadian businessman who stood up when others would not. Maman founded the Liberation of Christian and Yazidi Children in Iraq (CYCI), a non-profit organization that works to free ISIS sex slaves. Maman works to raise money through donations and crowd-funding in the West, while two teams (one in Kurdistan and one inside ISIS controlled territory) coordinate to find and free captive slaves.

In just the last year CYCI has freed at least 140 slaves from the clutches of the villains at ISIS. At the same time, at least 35 independent brokers (the people doing the actual freeing) have been captured and murdered by the Muslim terrorists.

Since August, 2014, militants of the Islamic State have been abducting and enslaving Yazidi women and girls. Yazidis are a religious minority in Northern Iraq. This video chronicles the experiences of some of the survivors and one Canadian businessman’s efforts to liberate more from the hands of ISIS.

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If you can help, please do. You can donate directly to CYCI here.

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