Who to Vote For This November 8: It’s a No-Brainer

A No-Brainer Choice

What is there to decide? On the one hand, a proven winner in business who cannot be bought or controlled, versus an inept individual who has failed at everything she attempts. At this point, this last debate seems at best, anti-climactic.

Dare we compare the enthusiastic “packed houses” of stadium-sized venues versus Hillary’s school gymnasium gatherings?  More important is the contrast of a love for Country which embellishes throughout, versus the give-away programs flavored with shrieks of gender inequality and racial discord.

Glaring is her message’s limited appeal since efforts are mainly focused upon college campuses. What better arena to spew the impossible than to those who listen daily to whimsical classroom lecturing? For the huckster, the one who can’t carnival barker the same incentives to those who know better, this setting is a natural.

What hangs in the balance is not so much who wins but what the results will be. If the status quo is preferable, then Clinton gets the nod. However, when recalling what America was before the nineties versus today, the Trump choice becomes a no-brainer.

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He also presents a uniqueness since who of his financial level could or would venture into the slime of politics? He might be the only billionaire to retain his love of country over a love for money, wealth and luxury. Think about it, his patriotism and his sincere caring for working Americans is the exception, a rarity from those wealthy ranks.

As crunch time nears, many of the shadow players realize that remaining idle could very well be disastrous. Now, as their goal seems so near, their precious secrecy has lost its value.

Consequently, recent developments have aroused public curiosity and general disbelief. Who knew about the abusing of Congressional checking accounts or even the accounts themselves? And how about the RINO’s unmasking and the public’s present disregard concerning the media’s pro-Hillary blathering. It’s now evident that our media is a Clinton cohort and is wielded by the establishment as a propaganda tool, which also benefits our federal government.

The “establishment” views a Trump victory with the same fear Dracula would have if caught in the sunshine or when facing a cross. This is the first time ever that America’s unseen network has been threatened. As such, and with all that is riding on the outcome, in addition to electing a President, November 8th will determine the fate of our Country. Between now and then, the unknowns, those who power-broke within that cherished “establishment” will do whatever it takes, even to dust off those slanderous charges heaved against Herman Cain four years ago. These shadow dwellers care only in preserving the agenda to which they have serviced and worshipped since the early days of the last century.

We are fortunate that the plotters of America’s decline, led by many at the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), got impatient. This might have been hurried from the fear of imitating that Brexit vote. Also demanding were the numbers which these weasels assumed spelled a numerical superiority. However, within each Trump rally, a movement – or, if you like, an American awakening – is taking place which now includes hundreds of thousands of democrats supporting Trump. Hence, the uptick from a slanderous media.

Our enemies have long anticipated our decline and for obvious reasons. We have revised our own standards into a sort of wishy-washy grab bag of emotional peeves and watered-down traditions. Those watching do not ignore the folly from our clueless leaders.

Consider our past ineptness against unworthy communist foes, the removal of prayer/Bible from our classrooms, or when electing a commander-in-chief who was a documented draft-dodger. Also, Washington’s refusal to enforce our borders, America’s racial harmony becoming pierced, and now we have a national debt that threatens our solvency. The quality of our past and current leadership, in addition to a Clinton continuation of such, has juiced up the CFR’s time table.

Clinton’s election is a mere formality leading to a total take-over of America’s governing power. Our state is such that the shadows believe that in the election’s aftermath, America is for the taking.

Fortunately, Americans seem to be grasping the realization that yes, there are shadows and that darkness is anti-American. In one respect, certain elements have been self-revealed due to their own impatience. Most glaring is the unrepentant prose of the pro-Hillary media. At this point, they liken their “liberal” pretense to be excess baggage. This also may have caused more notable references to the super secret George Soros. He has waited a lifetime for America’s vulnerable state.

In approximately three weeks we have a decision to make about America’s future. Will it be a candidate who recently stated, “Deep-seated cultural codes, religious beliefs ,and structural biases have to be changed,” or will our American heritage and present-day course be better served by a President who vows to “make America Great again?”  Talk about a no-brainer!

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