The Viral Facebook Meme that is a Total Lie but should Shame America’s Education System

The very smart and currently indignant Caleb Howe at Rabble Writer wants you all to know something – that totally cool meme that you’re sharing on Facebook may not be real. It happens all the time and usually somewhere along the line someone will head over to Snopes (or a similar site) and debunk the meme mythology… only it hasn’t happened with the latest viral share yet. So Caleb has stepped up and debunked it for us.

Education in America is bad and deficient. I hear that all the time. Unless you live in the woods or are a dead person come back to haunt my blog posts, you have also heard it time and again. Politically, both the left and the right make this claim, but obviously for different reasons.

On the right, the complaints are usually that no one teaches about the founding fathers or the greatness of America anymore, that teachers are too leftist and liberal and teach social justice, and of course, COMMON CORE!!!!!!!!

On the left, the complaint is that schools just aren’t progressive enough. Science isn’t sciencey enough, nobody talks about how evil America is, people still want to acknowledge that Civil War units had flags, and NOT ENOUGH COMMON CORE!!!!!!!

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But one of the chief complaints from the left is that Americans teach a pollyana view of America that doesn’t account for her many awful and terrible atrocities against mankind and God and fine dining.

Enter Facebook.

A post has gone viral on Facebook in the last few days that is a great example of these different views on education. Rather than describe the post to you, I will simply give you a screenshot of it. A picture is worth a thousand keyboard strokes.

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