A Long Ago Warning: Toward the Total State

Back in July, 1999, in an article written by the late William Norman Grigg entitled, Toward the Total State, he referenced a 1996 piece from the Marxist journal “Dissent” in which Michael Walzer listed victories of the left.  I think it would be beneficial if today, in 2017, we review this long ago summation.  Mr Grigg quotes Mr. Walzer’s victory list as follow:

“The visible impact of feminism.

“The effects of affirmative action.”

“The emergence of gay rights politics, and…the attention paid to it in the media.”

“The acceptance of cultural pluralism.”

“The transformation of family life,” including “rising divorce rates, changing sexual mores, new household arrangements – and, again, the portrayal of all this in the media.”

“The progress of secularization; the fading of religion in general and Christianity in particular from the public sphere – classrooms, textbooks, legal codes, HOLIDAYS, and so on.” (my capitalization)

“The virtual abolition of capital punishment.”

“The legalization of abortion.”

“The first successes in the effort to regulate and limit the private ownership of guns.”

These initiatives were detailed in 1996!  Gaze backward and then appreciate just how dutiful we’ve been during these intervening years.  Many of these steps are now accepted to be everyday normal, as are the fifty plus welfare years.  The generational loss of personal initiative and gumption for achieving self worth has become victimized through this supposed “good intentioned” venue.  America has also suffered since her true potential has been negated from this institutionalized dependency.

Finally, Mr. Grigg puts the icing on this socialist cake by quoting George Orwell’s 1984 with the ominous; “We are not content with negative obedience, nor even with the most abject submission,” “When finally you surrender to us, it must be of your own free will.  We do not destroy the heretic because he resists us…We convert him, we capture his inner mind, we reshape him.”

While Orwell’s work was suppose to be fictional, Antonio Gramsci is not. As a member of the Italian Socialist Party he wrote in his “Prison Notebook” piece that “that those who want to change society must change man’s consciousness, and that in order to accomplish this they must first control the institutions by which that consciousness is formed: schools, universities, churches, and,  perhaps above all, art and the communications industry.”  All this feeds the motives for this fierce anti-Trump campaign since our President is the “total state’s” nemesis.

Yes, our country is obedient and is undergoing a marginalization from its Constitutional origins to this quasi- socialist mindset.  Its been a gradual one hundred year process, highlighted by the unthinkable and the impossible.  Still, we adapt and accept, or in the political vernacular, we “go along to get along.”

So as we all anticipate this Blessed Christmas season, let us take notice to and realize just what this “happy holiday” greeting may represent.  Also. we might apply a thought of appreciation for the late Mr. Grigg’s warning, since if this agenda remains undeterred, a “happy” ending it will not be.

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