A Final Comparison: Is a President Hillary Going to be Able to Keep These Promises?

A Final Comparison

Imagine my surprise this AM when four out of four hit pieces were staring up at me from that propagandized cartel known as the Associated Press.

The one that caught my eye was written by AP writer Catherine Lucey entitled, “Clinton has a lot of promises to keep.” In it, the writer lists “some pledges Hillary Clinton made.” I might add that this came as another shock since all I have heard from Clinton’s raspy voice are Trump insults of late.

Nevertheless, Ms. Lucey lists four Clinton policy points, which briefly are Taxes, the TPP (the Trans-Pacific Partnership treaty), the Military, and her favorite hook, College costs (free tuitions). Consider each.

Her tax presentation promises to “tax the wealthy” but those making a quarter of a million per year or less “will be exempt.” How obvious is that folks?  Solely geared for the campaign stump, that figure will no doubt be reduced since it is hardly indicative of middle class earnings.

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Her TPP position is another quicksand-based appeal strictly designed for her campaign brethren. If successful, she will, in true Clinton fashion, revert back to her pro-TPP positioning prior to her announcing. After all, she has labeled the pending TPP treaty as “the gold standard of trade agreements.” Is there any doubt as to her post-election switch?

Her next solemn promise concerns the military, which just happens to be her pet punching bag. She states, “I will not support putting American soldiers into Iraq as an occupying force.” Obvious is the lack of or any reassurance regarding her policies preceding that occupation period. More wiggle room.

And finally, her college cost lure. “I want to make college debt-free and for families making less than $125,000, you will not get a tuition bill from a public college or university…” Already, that $250,000 designation took a hit!

In reality, all four items will be placed in the “subject to change” column if she successfully gains the White House. This is a woman who lies about her lying. But more than that, after this extensive campaign season, how is it that only four issues are featured, of which two are purely give-away programs?

Has anyone ever dared to advise Clinton about the variety of issues offered by her opponent? You know, that brash-talking outsider who speaks his mind and is above the corruptive influences which have accumulated into being the Clinton baggage?

Whether it be the deadline facing this AP journalist or maybe just her disinterest for details, there is certainly more issues to consider these days.

We have a greatly reduced military at a time when flare-ups could be easily ignited. In fact, this downsized force actually invites such dangers.

Then there are the lower educational stats from public education. Being out of the top twenty is hardly reassuring for a healthy and successful American economy. In the eye of this educational storm is Bill Gates’ Common Core. Is it any wonder that scorn is the general reaction from parents who find themselves incapable of understanding what also befuddles their children?

Then there is the corruptive influence from illegal immigration, and the dangers from this unvetted swarm of Syrian refugees of which Clinton promises to greatly increase. It seems that the democrats condone, even to the point of jeopardizing national security, just about anything that hints of a higher voter turn out.

Also to consider is the precarious position of America when in compliance to the whims of foreign energy sources. As free Americans, we must all appreciate that independence is our bedrock. Free from constraints is the mainstay of Americanism. When realizing that America is Blessed with untold energy, those that would open up our Country to foreign manipulations are to be suspected, despised and yes, voted out of office.

In closing, America continues to be Blessed. Here we have not a perfect man but a man that acts independently and is guided by a love of country. He is for our moment, the only one capable of answering our nation’s call.  And tomorrow, a grateful Nation will elect him President. God Bless us all.

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