A Cup Full of Starbuck’s Progressive Stupidity



 A mundane, simplistic coffee seller, Starbucks, thinks that coffee is a philosophical bean that will brew itself into simplistic diversity.  They want to obliterate the spirit of Christmas and replace it with some mishmash of conflicting, antagonistic philosophies.


Starbucks wants to pass along the message that they embrace customers from all backgrounds and religions.  As if every store that allows Pakistanis, Jews and Christians to shop there doesn’t automatically accept diversity without making a big deal or announcement about it.


Starbucks willingness to serve all customers is no different from any other stores. Does McDonald’s imply that they are wonderful because they treated twenty ethnicities today?


So Starbucks has taken off the Christmas insignias from its red cup.  Wow, what intellectual progressivism.  How daring.  What jerks.


I don’t like Starbucks’ coffee.  I go there because it is convenient.  I stopped shopping there for a while when they supported the beauties of perverted same sex marriage.  I don’t like it.  It’s none of my business but it’s none of theirs either.  It’s all about coffee not sperm.


It is immoral of me to drink coffee at a place that tries to sell me a philosophy that I fundamentally disagree with.  Besides, I don’t take my values from a barista. 


Starbucks has made a concession to the Christians by touting  its “exclusive Christmas Blend Vintage 2015.″ Big deal, it’s a token.  It’s all in the cups.  The failure to decorate them shows cowardice.  Starbucks is afraid of American values.  Maybe they are afraid to use quality coffee beans.


I am a Jew.  I believe in diversity when it is not forced.  I still appreciate Christmas whether or not it is part of my  religion.  It is partially an American tradition.  I am American.  That trumps minor religious issues.


Trump has suggested boycotting Starbucks.  Well, maybe. I am not a big boycotter.  I am not a dimwitted college revolutionary. 


But Starbucks has boycotted Christmas and normal people who are against same sex marriage.  Maybe we should boycott the boycotters.


United we stand, divided we fall.  We are Americans first.  Diversity is the failed viewpoint of those who can’t fully accept compromise with each other.


We live in a melting pot.  I am happy to melt.  I don’t want to jump out of the pot and start a war amongst pots.

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