A Conversation With a Frenchman About Trump



A Frenchman, Matt, at Gleason’s Boxing Gym told me that I betrayed everyone there because I voted for Trump.


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“It’s none of your business who I voted for,” I said.  “How do you know I voted for Trump?”


“Because you are white.”


“So are you,” I said.  “And you are French so you can’t even vote.  You don’t count.”


“You have betrayed us.”


“I have betrayed your betrayal of yourself,” I said.  “Hillary would have divided divisiveness into fractional antagonist parts.”


“You have betrayed us.”


“What are you—a radish repeating itself?”


“I am French.”


“You are the stupidity of ideological rapture. You delight in your stupid bigotry like an opinion that repeats itself.”


“You have betrayed us,” Matt said.


“See what I mean about repeating yourself.  You are the liberal death of America.  And you aren’t even American.”


“I was only kidding, David.”


“That’s how I know you’re not an American liberal.  You don’t have the arrogant language.  You don’t take ideology overly seriously. You have not been spoiled by Hillary and Obama.”


“Let’s box sometime,” Matt said.


“Well, I don’t know about that.  You’re about fifty pounds more than me.”




“You’re also thirty years younger.”


“Well, that would be a good betrayal of your chances.”


“You’re trying to take more than your fair share like a communist government,” I said.


“I’m a sneaky socialist,” he said.


“That’s why I’m an American and you’re French.”

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