A Conservative Talk Show on PBS? [VIDEO]

PBS will air a conservative talk show for eight weeks to see if they want to make it a permanant feature.

The conservative talk show that PBS will air will feature THIS “conservative”:

The fact that the program will also feature Amy Holmes is supposed to make this show palatable. But I’d rather have the show go up against an admitted Liberal than this turncoat Never Trump “conservative.” Donald Trump is not a movement conservative, so I don’t mind hearing about differences. But playing the race card is baseless slander.

PBS is attempting to tell us how to be respectable “conservatives.” I hope their show fails.

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The Seattle Times reports, “PBS launching new conservative political talk show.

Columnist Michael Gerson and commentator Amy Holmes are teaming to start a conservative-oriented talk show on PBS that takes its cue from William F. Buckley’s “Firing Line,” which aired from 1966 to 1999.

The new show, “In Principle,” will air Friday nights starting April 13. PBS will decide after an eight-week run whether to continue.

The hosts plan to interview two guests each show, hoping for an in-depth discussion on issues and their formative political experiences. No guests have been announced yet, but Gerson said he’d like to discuss issues like race, gun control and whether conservatism is the right message for the working class.

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